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Castle Leoch

Outlander 1×2

Mrs. Fitzgibbons: Come with me. We shall find you something to eat, something to wear that's a bit more... Well, a bit more.

Colum: I welcome ye, mistress. My name is Colum Ban Campbell Mackenzie, Laird of this castle.

Colum: I'm sure something can be arranged. But I do myself wish to know how exactly a lady such as yourself came to be wandering about in the woods, dressed in nothing but her shift...
Frank: 'It's interesting. I took a course in withstanding interrogation as part of officer training, and the basic principle was that you stick to the truth as much as humanly possible, only altering those details that have to be kept secret.'
Claire: I am a widowed lady from Oxfordshire...

Colum: A good night to ye, then... Mrs. "Beech-ham."
Claire: Frank would have laughed and said I fell for the oldest trick in the book ply the subject with food and drink, but all the while continuing the interrogation.

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City of Angels?

Lucifer 3×11

Lucifer: How can someone who can literally control time have such atrocious timing?

Lucifer: Amazing. Does no one work in this town?

Lucifer: Oh. I haven't heard music like that since... well, since the Silver City.
Amenadiel: What, there's no music in Hell?
Lucifer: Only for torture, and usually out of tune. Lately, we've been playing music by this chap named Bieber. Gosh, you should hear the screams.

Amenadiel: Don't you need some sort of key to start it?
Lucifer: You know me, Brother... I can turn anything on.

Lucifer: Obviously, "R" is for reverse, not "really fast."

Lucifer: Trust me, a church confessional has nothing compared to pillow talk.

Lucifer: Oh, my gosh, that's her, in the flesh. That's Misty Canyons... Oh, my gosh! That's Penis Demilo. Ha! What is this, nirvana? Do all porn stars reside in L.A.?

Amenadiel: Oh, come on, Luci. There must be hundreds of porn stars in Hell.
Lucifer: Sadly, no, on account of all the good work they do here on Earth, I assume.

Lucifer: Well, if you ever do decide to do something worthy of damnation, I'd love to see you again.

Lucifer: Apparently, they have, uh, 12 different types of whiskey.
Amenadiel: Yes, humans are funny with their infinite capacity for distractions.
Lucifer: It's not distraction, Brother. It's choice.

Lucifer: Amenadiel is quite the warrior. Undefeated in battle, one of God's finest.
Amenadiel: Actually, that's true.

Tio Sorrento: What's your name?
Lucifer: Lucifer Morningstar. Pleasure.
Tio Sorrento: Where are you two from?
Lucifer: Down south.
Amenadiel: Up north.

Lucifer: If we want to be approached, then you need to learn to fight like a human. Comprende?.. Okay. Give us your worst.

Mazikeen: I'm here for the truth.

Lucifer: What did you use to inflict the pain?
Mazikeen: Nothing. In Hell, I have to use their own guilt against them as torture. The method is chosen for them, but here, Lucifer... infinite possibilities.

Amenadiel: Come on, Luci. You are the Devil, after all.

Lucifer: You wanted the Devil. Well, you got him.

Amenadiel: Oh, Luci. Father will be furious. And you will suffer His wrath.
Lucifer: Well... then He knows where to find me.

Lucifer: This place could use a piano...

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Bernie Clifton's Dressing Room

Inside No. 9 4×2

Len: Ah, boom! It's a belter, that. Still works, doesn't it?
Tommy: You won't be able to do any of that ending.
Len: What do you mean?
Tommy: Can't do Chinese and Asian voices any more.
Len: Why?
Tommy: Because, Len, it is what is known as racist.

Len: All right, what about Goodness Gracious Me?
Tommy: They were all Asian, Len. It's like Jackie Mason telling Jew jokes or Richard Pryor doing black material. You're only allowed to take the piss out of your own tribe.
Len: Eh, I don't think you should be calling them a tribe, Tommy. That IS racialist.

Tommy: Why did it have to be Cheese and anything? It's so babyish. And it's not funny... It's too generic. First rule of comedy - be specific. You never say biscuit. You say Garibaldi.

Tommy: Do you think people still remember the Hair Bear Bunch?
Len: Yes! People love remembering things that happened in the '70s!

# If you're going to cry
# Cry tears of laughter
# A smile takes much less effort than a frown
# So, let's have one more joke and raise the rafters
# Cos laughter's the best medicine in town...

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Peaky Blinders 1x3

Episode #1.3

Grace: How much did you pay for the suit you'll be wearing?
Thomas: Oh, I don't pay for suits. My suits are on the house or the house burns down.

Aunt Polly: Are you armed?
Thomas: No.
Aunt Polly: Then I'll tell you.

Campbell: ...And they're not called spies! They're called operatives.
Sergeant Moss: Operatives, sir. Right, sir.

Aunt Polly: Times like these, a communist in the family is bad for business.

Ada: America, Freddie. They've already had their revolution. You won't have to bother.

Freddie: United, we will never be defeated!

Arthur: How do we know it's for sale?
Thomas: Everything's for sale to us, Arthur.

Arthur: I wouldn't know what to do.
Thomas: You've spent two-thirds of your life in pubs. Just pour it instead of drinking it.
Arthur: But I can still drink it, right?
Thomas: Your pub - you do what you want.

Danny: They gave us the worst job, Tommy.
Thomas: Yeah... And we fucking volunteered.

Grace: She's all right, but in her condition, she needs peace.
Thomas: Women talk. That is something they do.
Grace: She talked about you. She said you keep everything locked up.
Thomas: Well, that's what men do.

Uncle Charlie: This car only seats four. You'll need more men than that if you're to come back alive.
Thomas: It'll be just me and a girl.

Johnny: So when do we share out the cash?
Arthur: We don't. We're not keeping the cash. You're in Tommy's army now, boys. Trust only kin.

Thomas: Tracks are lawless places. I can't stand petty criminals...
Grace: Will we get to lay a bet?
Thomas: No - gambling is for mugs... You're lucky you're with me or you'd be wasting your money on fixed races.
Grace: I always wondered, how do you fix a race?
Thomas: How should I know?

Thomas: Come on, posh girl. Earn your three quid.

Thomas: Do you dance?
Grace: If I'm asked properly.
Thomas: Lady Sarah of Connemara, will you dance with me?

Grace: I hope this doesn't involve razor blades.
Thomas: I've decided to move up in the world. Become a legitimate businessman.
Grace: My gosh. You're serious.
Thomas: I'm always serious.

Grace: You think I'm a whore?
Thomas: Everyone's a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves.

Thomas: God's honest truth? I don't know what she is.

Grace: Start of the day, I was Lady Sarah of Connemara. By the end, I was a whore with the clap.

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Black Mirror 4×2

Dr Usborne: You can't remove the implant, but you can get rid of the parental unit. The screen. Just throw it away. Problem solved.

Marie: Everything I've done, I've done for you.

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Джонатан Троппер — Книга Джо (5/5)

&  Человеку, как говорится, свойственно ошибаться. А богу – прощать. Ошибиться же, оттягивая прощение до тех пор, пока не станет слишком поздно, – значит безбожно облажаться.

&  – Мы все умираем. Просто с разной скоростью.

&  Одним из недостатков идеальной внешности является то, что любое уродство в ней так и режет глаз, как грязные следы на белом ковре.

&  – То есть ты хочешь сказать, что мы идем по жизни, потихоньку растрачивая себя, пока не остается вообще ничего, и тогда мы умираем?
     – Конечно нет. Мы изо всех сил пытаемся набраться свежего воздуха, от себя и от других людей. Но в то время, – она кивает в сторону ребят на школьном дворе, – так легко было почувствовать себя полным, понимаешь? Достаточно было просто вдохнуть.

&  – Мама, до свидания, – сказал он. – Я только хотел сказать, что я тебя люблю и прошу прощения за все, что тебе пришлось из-за меня пережить.

&  Что лучше перед лицом смерти: смеяться или плакать? В отсутствие аргументов, мы делаем то одно, то другое, стараясь найти баланс, при котором Уэйну будет хорошо.

&  – Память несовершенна. А если, кроме нее, у тебя ничего нет, то что же останется, когда ее не будет?

&  – Ничто так не помогает почувствовать себя евреем, как посещение церкви.

&  Смерть Уэйна кое-чему меня все же научила: держать зло на кого-то – значит зря гробить свое время, черт подери. Гробить свою жизнь.

  ... – «Может быть» – это совсем даже неплохо, – говорю я.”

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Julieta: I don't know what books to take.
Lorenzo: Just the essentials. If you miss one, You can buy it on the Internet.
Julieta: I don't like to buy books that I have, it makes me feel older.

Lorenzo: Thank you.
Julieta: For what?
Lorenzo: For not leaving me to grow old alone.
Julieta: It's you who won't leave me on my own.

Julieta Joven: I don't want to be just a housewife, Marian. I have a job I like and I want to return to it.
Marian: The profession of a woman is her family. And if you want to keep it together, the best you can do is stay home.

Julieta: Your absence fills my life completely and destroys it.

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The Son Also Rises

Grimm 6×8

"No man chooses evil because it is evil;
he only mistakes it for happiness."

Mary Wollstonecraft, «A Vindication of the Rights of Men»

Nick: So we know something's coming. We just don't know what... or when.
Eve: We better figure it out sooner rather than later.
Rosalee: And if that something is good or bad.
Eve: We haven't exactly had a lot of good coming our way.
Nick: So probably a plague... rain of frogs, locusts... IRS audit...
Monroe: Or something even weirder.

Monroe: Take a look at this classic mythological rendering of the astrological constellations we've been mapping from the cloth. Commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII,
it was painted on the ceiling of the Sala Bologna by Giovanni Antonio Vanosino da Varese in 1575... And, I know there's no way to know this for a fact... but based on what he painted, I think Giovanni might have been a Grimm.
Nick: It looks pretty grim.

Rosalee: Are you suggesting that Wesen come from other planets?
Monroe: No, but I'm suggesting Giovanni might be suggesting it.

Hank: You ever thought about what you want done?
Wu: With what?
Hank: You. Being cremated or buried.
Wu: Not really, you?
Hank: Oh, yeah. Last thing I ever want is to wind up in the ground. I get claustrophobic just thinking about it. Cremate me, spread my ashes over the Willamette River, and let me float free to the edges of wherever...
Wu: You know there are a lot of cows and horses that drink from the river.
Hank: So?
Wu: So what happens if some cow drinks from the Willamette and gets you, too, then craps you out in a field? Then some farmer comes along and tills that field. Next thing you know, you're buried beneath the cold, dark ground.
Hank: .... Don't mess with a man's afterlife.

Julian: I don't know what it was, but we all saw it, and I can't explain it. It makes no sense.
Hank: That's what we do here... make sense out of stuff nobody can explain.

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Джонатан Троппер — Книга Джо (4/5)

&  Бывшая девушка – как пистолет, спрятанный у тебя глубоко внутри. Он больше не заряжен, поэтому при виде нее раздается только глухой щелчок, может быть, слабое эхо, воспоминание о выстреле. Но иногда оказывается, что ты не заметил последнего патрона, и, все это время пролежав в своем отсеке, при спуске курка он вдруг оглушительно выстреливает, разрывая ткани и мышцы живота, и вырывается на свет божий.

&  ...и я вдруг чувствую тяжесть всех тех дней, что мы провели порознь.

&  – Это был действительно важный день. Было еще множество других дней, тоже значительных, но совсем не так много, как могло бы. Я часто про это думаю: что именно заставляет обычный день так много значить и почему таких дней с годами становится все меньше.
     – И какой же ответ?
     – А все очень просто. Мы делали то, что нам хотелось, а не то, чего мы от себя ожидали.

&  – В конечном итоге ничто не имеет значения, кроме того, что действительно важно. Не то чтобы это была какая-то новая мысль: ты это как бы знаешь, но не осознаешь до конца. Потому что если бы осознал, то не сидел бы сложа руки.

&  – ... Люди меняются.
     – То, что имеет значение, не меняется. ... Так вот, просто расстояние до того, что имеет значение, становится все больше и больше.

&  Все начало происходить само по себе, как-то помимо меня. Стать просто беззаботным пассажиром – это тоже выбор и большое облегчение.

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Peaky Blinders 1x4

Episode #1.4

Freddie: ...An attache from the Russian embassy. In a Chinese restaurant.
Chapman: Our revolution is international. And it grows by the day.

Aunt Polly: Men and their cocks never cease to amaze me.

Campbell: My word? Do people still talk about such things in this idiotic century? My word to who?

Campbell: You think my campaign against Shelby has become personal? Correct. "Spot-on", as they say in London society.

Campbell: What's the matter with you? He fell down some stairs.
Moss: This is not bloody Belfast!
Campbell: Not yet, but if men like him get their way, it soon will be. So, find some stairs, throw him down, and call the coroner.

Grace: I'm not an accountant. Nor a lawyer.
Thomas: No. No, but you have something I need. Class.

Campbell: The difficulty with undercover work, Grace, is to remember what you are.

Grace: I'm Irish, I can make a million toasts... May you be in heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you're dead.

Grace: Shelby Brothers Limited...
Thomas: I don't like that word, "Limited".
Grace: To be respectable, you have to be "Limited".
Thomas: That's what worries me.

Thomas: Tomorrow, we finish the war with the Lees for once and for all.
Johnny: Since when?
Thomas: Since just now. Ten o'clock tomorrow. Be ready for anything.

Thomas: It's up to you John. War... or peace?

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Raising Gazorpazorp

Rick and Morty 1x7

Rick: Okay, 60 for the resonator and my grandson wants the sex robot.

Morty: He is a like little me. You don't think he'll turn into a monster, do you?
Beth: They always do...

Rick: Summer, put your burqa on!
Summer: That burqa is a human rights violation, and I spent a lot on this top.
Rick: Look, I'm trying to repair portal gun with with bunch of sex doll parts and I have to do it one-handed to keep these belushis from cutting you off. The least you could do is be ashamed of your gender.

Summer: You think it's efficient to get rid of women?
Rick: You ever see a line for the men's room?

Rick: Well, obviously, Summer, it appears the lower tier of this society is being manipulated through sex and advanced technology by a hidden ruling class. Sound familiar?

Rick: Oh, I get it. The old "behind every great man amazon" twist.

Marsha: I am Marsha, ruler of Gazorpazorp. I am here if you need to talk.

Summer: What is this place?
Marsha: Paradise. We built it during the great passive aggression, when females separated from the males due to their increasingly destructive behavior.

Rick: Just give me a gun, I'll kill myself.

Morty: Who do you think is gonna love you if you conquer the planet Morty Jr.?
Morty Jr.: Love. That's all you care about. What about weapons? What about domination of the enemy?

Morty Jr.: My life has been a lie! God is dead! The government's lame! Thanksgiving is about killing Indians! Jesus wasn't born on Christmas, they moved the date, it was a pagan holiday!

Morty: My son is gonna take over the planet, and I am too young to drive. Can you help me get him back?
Jerry: I suppose, Morty. I suppose. But first a deep sip from a very tall glass of "I told you so".

Morty: I'm sorry. I ended up lying to you and yelling at you just like my parents did to me. You know parents are just kids having kids.

Morty Jr.: I think it's time I get a place of my own. I promise I call you every day I need money or a place to do laundry.

Beth: It's a thankless job, Morty. You did the best you could.
Morty: I hope he's eating enough.

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Джонатан Троппер — Книга Джо (3/5)

&  Пока у тебя нет денег, кажется, что в них содержится ответ на все вопросы, и только когда деньги появляются, ты понимаешь, что они приносят с собой новые вопросы, причем в отличие от прошлых эти нужно держать при себе, потому что сочувствовать тебе никто не станет.

&  Память никогда не делает поправку на время.

&  В восемьдесят шестом году влюбленному подростку жилось вольготно. Безработица была низкой, цены на бирже – высокими, и люди в целом с оптимизмом смотрели в будущее. Мы слушали позитивный европейский синти поп: Depeche Mode, Erasure, А-На. Мальчики заправляли вареные гэповские джинсы в высокие найки, натирали волосы гелем и выстригали мысом, а также безуспешно пытались включить в свой скудный танцевальный репертуар «лунную дорожку». Девочки высоко взбивали волосы, носили переливающиеся всеми цветами радуги юбки, в том же духе красились, щеголяли в джемперах в сеточку со спущенным плечом и всяких других нарядах, увиденных в видеороликах Мадонны. Жизнь была настолько мирной, что Рембо пришлось снова заслать во Вьетнам, чтобы немного расшевелить публику. Мы не знали интернета и музыки в стиле гранж – и невинность наша не была разбавлена иронией; уклонение от армии и авторское кино еще не успели заявить о себе, поэтому мрачные вещи нас пока не привлекали. В те времена общество не осуждало человека за то, что он был счастлив.

&  – Быть гомосексуалистом – это все равно что пройти ускоренный курс по природе человека. Получаешь реальное представление об изнанке обычных человеческих отношений.

&  В какой-то момент самый распоследний козел всегда понимает, что он таки козел. Просто сделать с этим уже ничего нельзя.

&  Всегда лучше, чтобы пластырь наклеивал кто то другой. Когда сам отклеиваешь эту белую полосочку, то испытываешь безмерную жалость к самому себе, это действие как будто лишний раз подчеркивает, что в целом мире не нашлось никого, кто бы сделал это для тебя!

13 янв. 2018 г.

Dolores Claiborne

Selena: You already said it was brilliant.
Peter: I said it was wonderful.
Selena: There's a difference?
Peter: Yeah. Half a page.

Dolores Claiborne: Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold onto.

Dolores Claiborne: I guess if you want to know somebody's life... you look at their hands. That's what 22 years of Vera Donovan will do to you.

Dolores Claiborne: Hell ain't something you get thrown into overnight. The real hell comes on you as slow... and steady as a line of wet winter sheets. Snot leaking off your nose. Your hands so cold and raw... you start wishing they'd go numb. It's only December. You know by February... the skin's gonna be cracked so bad, it'll break open and bleed if you clench a fist. But you go to the next... and the next and before you know it, those sheets stretch out 20 years.

Dolores Claiborne: You want it... you cut it.

Dolores: Selena, you've been drinkin'.
Selena: No shit.
Dolores: I wish you wouldn't.
Selena: Look at me! Look at me. You see how I am right now? What good is that gonna do? Because in 10 minutes... I'm going to be fine.

Dolores Claiborne: Why'd you do this, Vera? Why?
Vera Donovan: Because... I hate... the smell of being old. I'm tired... and I want to be done. Will you help me, Dolores? Will you please... help me die?

Vera Donovan: Are we quite finished?
Dolores Claiborne: I'm sorry, Mrs. Donovan. I truly am.
Vera Donovan: "Vera." I insist all women who have hysterics in my drawing room... call me by my Christian name.

Vera Donovan: It's a depressingly masculine world we live in, Dolores...

Vera Donovan: Husbands die every day, Dolores... One is probably dying right now, while you're sittin' here weeping. They die... and leave their wives their money. I should know, shouldn't I?

Vera Donovan: An accident, Dolores... can be an unhappy woman's best friend.

Dolores: I can't.
Vera: Sometimes, Dolores... sometimes you have to be a high-riding bitch... to survive. Sometimes... being a bitch... is all a woman has to hang onto.

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Spock, Kirk, and Testicular Hernia

Young Sheldon 1×9

Young Sheldon: ... That's humorous, because Spock is half human and half Vulcan. But he's ashamed of his human side. That's why I identify with him.

Meemaw: I gravitate a little more towards Kirk.
Young Sheldon: Why?
Meemaw: Be-cause... everything he says... he makes sound so im-portant.
Young Sheldon: I should hope so... He's the captain.

Georgie: What do you see when you close your eyes?
Young Sheldon: I see quadrant one as red, quadrant two is soft and plush... quadrant three smells like lavender, and quadrant four is overlaid with a Fibonacci spiral.
Georgie: That's really weird.
Young Sheldon: No. What's really weird is doing simple algebra and thinking about a girl in a bikini.

Meemaw: I drank when I was pregnant with you. You turned out fine. These days everybody's like, "Don't drink, don't smoke." I swear. Texas is turning into California.

Young Sheldon: He wouldn't do that. When you cheat in school, you only cheat yourself.
Tam: Where'd you get that?
Young Sheldon: An inspirational poster outside the boys' room.

Young Sheldon: But what about the truth?
Georgie: What about it?
Young Sheldon: It's supposed to set us free.
Georgie: Who told you that?
Young Sheldon: The Bible.
Georgie: Since when do you care about what's in the Bible?
Young Sheldon: When it helps me win an argument.

Young Sheldon: Have you been reading the Word of the Day calendar I gave you for your birthday?
Meemaw: Indubitably.

Young Sheldon: Do you think a Spock could become a Kirk?
Meemaw: Well, in my experience, most people stay the miserable bastards they are their whole entire life. But... I have seen some folks change.

Georgie: Okay, when you're telling a lie, it's important to throw in some details...

Sheldon: I don't know if other supervillains started their careers by getting out of P.E., but that's where I began...

Mary: Don't be proud of him!
George: Can't help it. First time he ever seemed like my kid.

Mary: Do you have any idea what's gotten into him?
Meemaw: I might.
Mary: Well?
Meemaw: Have you ever heard of... Mobokachi Kaboom? Wait. Koshimaki Magoo. Wait a minute, I'm gonna get this...

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Hell or High Water

Old Man: You boys robbing the bank?
Tanner: Shut up!
Old Man: That's crazy. Y'all ain't even Mexicans.

Toby: You never understood that fighting back makes the beating last longer.
Tanner: No, I understood. That's why I stopped fighting and shot that son of a bitch.

Marcus Hamilton: So they bopped you in the snozzola, huh?.. Not very nice.

Marcus Hamilton: I know their faces was covered, but could you tell their race? Black, white?
Elsie: Their skin or their souls?
Marcus Hamilton: Let's leave their souls out of this for now.

Cowboy: 21st century, I'm racing a fire to the river with a herd of cattle. And I wonder why my kids won't do this shit for a living.

Marcus Hamilton: How old?
Natalie: I don't know cars, mister.
Marcus Hamilton: Well, was it a nice car, an okay car, or a real piece of shit?

Alberto Parker: You know I'm part Mexican, too.
Marcus Hamilton: Yeah, well, I'm gonna get to that when I'm through with the Indian insults, but it's gonna be a while.

Tanner: You Comanche?... Lords of the Plains.
Bear: Lords of Nothing now.

Bear: Do you know what Comanche means?... It means enemies forever.
Tanner: Enemies with who?
Bear: Everyone.
Tanner: You know what that makes me?
Bear: An enemy.
Tanner: No. It makes me a Comanche.

Alberto Parker: Ain't you Christian?
Marcus Hamilton: Yeah, but I ain't stupid. God doesn't talk through this man any more than he talks through my dog.

Alberto Parker: Just when I was starting to feel sorry for you...
Marcus Hamilton: Indians ain't supposed to feel sorry for cowboys. It's the other way around.

Billy Rayburn: That's just so arrogant, it makes my teeth hurt. To see you boys... pay those bastards back with their own money? Well, if that ain't Texan, I don't know what is.

Billy Rayburn: The trust needs to be managed by a bank. You really wanna cover your tracks? You get Texas Midland to handle this trust.

Marcus Hamilton: Howdy, ma'am. How you doing today?
T-Bone Waitress: Hot, and I don't mean the good kind. So, what don't you want?

Lord of the Plains... That's me.

Marcus Hamilton: This was smart. This was you.

Toby: I've been poor my whole life. So were my parents, their parents before them. It's like a disease... passing from generation to generation, becomes a sickness. That's what it is. Infects every person you know...

Marcus Hamilton: The things we do for our kids, huh?...

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The Matrimonial Metric

The Big Bang Theory 11×12

Sheldon: I don't know how I feel about all this baby-proofing. If Halley can't teach herself to walk down the stairs, then maybe that's nature's way of saying the Wolowitz line ends here.

Amy: How are we gonna make these decisions without anybody getting upset?
Sheldon: Well, what if we take emotion out of the process, and base it on empirical metrics? Then we aren't really making the decision; the data is.
Amy: So... we can hurt our friends' feelings without taking any responsibility?... Me likey.

Sheldon: In reality, people in a wedding party perform very specific functions, and some will perform those better than others.
If I may use a superhero analogy...
Amy: You may not.
Sheldon: Okay, I'll use real people.

Amy: So we break down each of the roles into their component parts, and then design specialized tests for each.
Sheldon: Exactly. Boy, if I had known getting married was going to involve so much science, I'd have proposed years ago...

Sheldon: Maybe we're being old-fashioned, defining these roles by gender. You know, historically, the best man's role was to defend the bride and groom in combat. I mean, if that's not Penny, I don't know what we're doing here.

Sheldon: You really think you might get cold feet?
Amy: Actually, I was talking about you.
Sheldon: Amy... if there's one thing in this world I'm sure of, you are right to be worried... Good night.

Sheldon: If experimenting on humans is morally wrong, then I don't want to be morally right.

Sheldon: By experimenting on you, I realize I've violated your trust and possibly the Geneva Convention.

Penny: Oh, my God, Amy's my best friend!
Leonard: You okay?

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11 янв. 2018 г.


Michèle: You realize having a child is all about suffering? Vincent's birth was sheer hell. Torture. Three hours of agony.
Josie: If you don't want to help us, don't.

Michèle: You realize that this is impossible?
Vincent: What?
Michèle: She's a lunatic.
Vincent: She's not, she's my girlfriend.

Michèle: We're going to need a DNA test.

Patrick: Looks like a Grumman Wildcat... I'd love to restore one. And fly it to New York.
Michèle: You're a pilot?
Patrick: No. You've got to have a dream.

Michèle: Shame isn't a strong enough emotion to stop us doing anything at all. Believe me.

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Blind Love

Grimm 6×7

"Love looks not with the eyes, but
with the mind,
And therefore is winged Cupid
painted blind."

Shakespeare, «A Midsummer Night's Dream»

Willard: You gonna do what I think you're gonna do?
Randy: Amor de Infierno...
Willard: Double the dose.
Randy: No. I'm gonna triple it.

Monroe: I remember exactly when I fell, because I'll tell you that, there is nothing quite so dazzling as a beautiful woman saving your life.

Hank: You are one... damn fine-looking man.

Rosalee: Nick, before you say anything you're about to regret...
Nick: I love you.

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Джонатан Троппер — Книга Джо (2/5)

&  Время вовсе не лечит, оно просто зарывает какие-то вещи в глубине нашего сознания, и они сидят там, как в засаде, а потом в самый неожиданный момент как набросятся!

&  Всех интересует, когда можно считать любовь настоящей – так вот вам ответ: когда боль не проходит, когда рана не заживает и когда уже слишком, слишком поздно.

&  Логический парадокс: тот факт, что я подозреваю, что я козел, сам по себе говорит о том, что, наверное, я все же им не являюсь, ведь настоящий-то козел не будет считать себя козлом. То есть, осознавая себя козлом, я на самом деле опровергаю этот факт, получается так. Декартова аксиома о козлах: козел, считающий себя козлом, уже не козел.

&  – Эта ваша склонность к самоанализу – кстати, еще один признак эгоцентризма – отягощается гигантским комплексом неполноценности. Вы не даете себе проживать каждый миг жизни, потому что в глубине души чувствуете, что недостойны одобрения, любви, успеха и всего подобного. Всего того, чего вам на самом деле так хочется.

&  Сняв очки в золотой оправе, он задумчиво протер их галстуком. Затем водрузил очки на место и произнес ту самую фразу, которую неизменно говорят все психоаналитики на свете, если фантазия иссякла, а время сеанса еще не кончилось: – Расскажите мне о вашем отце.

&  Не знаю, куда обычно отправляются умирать разговоры, но пока мы сидим в тишине, наш разговор медленно, но верно движется как раз туда.