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The Spy 1×6

Dan Peleg: He's done his job! He's gone above and beyond. Let's bring him home.
Prime Minister Eshkol: We have an opportunity of having a Deputy Defense Minister in the Syrian government. It is an opportunity once in a lifetime. It will not happen again!
Dan Peleg: I understand. But...
Jacob Shimoni: This is bigger than you and him, Dan. He's going back. This is bigger than all of us. This is too good an opportunity. The benefits of us having a Deputy Defense Minister in Syria outweigh the risks of him getting caught.

Nadia Cohen: Let's have a real conversation, for once. The three of us. Finally. Let's have an open, honest conversation on what my husband does.
Eli Cohen: Nadia...
Nadia Cohen: And if either of you tell me that Eli's buying furniture, I will break his face.

Eli Cohen: Why can't we just tell her the truth?
Dan Peleg: The truth is probably worse than anything she can imagine.

Colonel Amin Al-Hafez: I agreed to fund the military wing of the PLO, the Fatah. Arafat will be training guerrilla soldiers here to infiltrate and seed fear into the Zionists' heart. A little terror will drive Israel crazy, but they won't get the world's support, and they can't blame us.
Eli Cohen: Brilliant. Brilliant.

Dan Peleg: Listen to me. Kamel isn't real. That life isn't real. You are not invincible, and you are not above suspicion. Ma'azi, Seif, Al-Ard, they are not your friends. You are not Kamel Amin Thaabeth, you are Eli Cohen, and whatever it takes, you need to remember that.

Suidani: You are going to send a message to your friends. Tell them... the game is over.

Dan Peleg: The Prime Minister has authorized us to make any deal possible to free him. We're going to do anything possible to bring him back. Nadia, I know this...
Nadia Cohen: Did you read today's newspapers? The Lebanese papers? The Iraqi papers? The Egyptians? They're all making fun of Al-Hafez. Saying Eli turned Syria into a joke. They are going to kill him.

Dan Peleg: So, do you know who we are?...

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The Silencing Properties of Snow

Atypical 1×8

Sam: I don't love you. I thought I did because you passed a simple checklist test that I devised, but it turns out the simpler test was just knowing, and you failed that one. So I think we should break up. It was nice to meet all of you. Oh, and by the way, they actually do have plain pasta with butter, even though it's not on the menu, in case you're not happy with your order. It's delicious. See you at school, Paige.

Sam: I've learned a lot about love this year. It can be very complicated.

Sam: Adelie, chinstrap, emperor, gentoo. Adelie, chinstrap, emperor, gentoo. Adelie, chinstrap, emperor, gentoo....

Sam: You probably wouldn't expect this, but Antarctica has 37 named volcanoes, many of them buried under thick layers of ice. And yet, often, under all that ice, the lava creates heated caves. So, even in this landscape of relentless cold, you can find hidden pockets of warmth.

Zahid: You know what might make you feel better, though? Like a thousand nice asses in those fleecy sweatpants. Or nachos.
Sam: No, melty cheese makes my mouth feel funny. And I'm done with girls. They're too...

Zahid: I'm sorry, man. Chicks are the worst. Now, let's go meet a whole bunch of them.

Sam: In 2015, Lewis Pugh swam in freezing Antarctic waters to promote the conservation of the Ross Sea... Because of his efforts, it's now the largest protected marine area in the world.

Sam: I don't like getting in water that people have touched.
Zahid: Oh, people do much worse than that. I guarantee this baby's been peed in hundreds of times.
Sam: That's not helpful.
Zahid: No. You want me to get it for you?
Sam: If one man can protect millions of marine animals just by swimming, one quick dip can certainly help fix things with Paige. No, thank you, Zahid. The hero must complete his or her own mission of redemption.

Sam: In nature, it's simple. Animals are drawn to mate with an appropriate specimen, and they spread their wings or show their colorful rump and mate. That makes sense. They don't have love. They don't have hurt feelings. They don't have dances. Actually, some birds do dance, and there are some ridiculous dances...

Sam: Living in Antarctica can be chilly. As Antarctic winter descends the ice continues to grow, effectively doubling the size of the continent. Doubling it! In this way, the cold creates matter. It has presence. It takes up space... Recently, researchers have discovered that when penguins make even the smallest movement together, they create a unique behavioral warming structure. So emperor penguins perform a mass dance to keep warm. They heat up the planet by dancing... One penguin couldn't warm up like that on its own. They do it by being together.

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Fish Gotta Swim

The Spy 1×5

Benny: His name is Mohammed Bin Laden. He's a construction giant from Saudi Arabia.
Jacob Shimoni: What's he doing in Syria?
Benny: We don't know. We also don't know how long he's been there.
Maya: Bin Laden's been involved in some of the biggest construction efforts in the Middle East, including the reconstruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque. If he's working on something in Syria, something no one knows about, something the Syrians don't even trust their own people with... maybe it's...
Dan Peleg: Shallal.

Dan Peleg: He hasn't been home in a very long time. Every agent needs to come up for air, or they drown.

Colonel Amin Al-Hafez: Water, the source of life. No creature, no matter how primitive, can survive without it. No civilization can thrive without it. That is why mankind has always fought over sources of water. For years, we've been playing a deadly game with our neighbors. They steal the water they claim is theirs. We, uh, damage their main pipes, blow them up, but they fix them and life goes on. It's a stupid cycle. Lake Tiberias may be in Israel, but the two rivers that feed it are not. The Banias and the Hasbani. Without those rivers... As they say, l'chiam.

Colonel Amin Al-Hafez: All this whispering behind my back, scheming, conspiring... I can't sleep at night. I'm going to ask you a question, and I want you to answer me honestly...
Kamel Amin Thaabeth: Of course. Anything.
Colonel Amin Al-Hafez: Suidani is convinced that there is a spy working against us. He thinks it explains many of our failed operations. I got rid of my Deputy Minister of Defense because Suidani didn't trust him. I'm telling you all this because you've become a part of the family... I would like you to be our new Deputy Minister of Defense...
Eli Cohen: So what will be my answer?

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Quirky Eggheads and Texas Snow Globes

Young Sheldon 3×1

Mary: Who's Nikola Tesla?
Sheldon: One of the most prolific scientists of the 20th century.
Mary: Okay. And, um... just out of curiosity, how isolated was he?
Sheldon: Oh, highly. He found human contact revolting.
Mary: Well, that's kind of a lonely way to live, don't you think?
Sheldon: Well, he wasn't entirely alone. At the end of his life, he became good friends with a brown pigeon...

Mary: The whole year you were together... did you see any, um... warning signs?
Connie: No. Not really. I just thought he was another... you know, cute, quirky egghead like Sheldon.

Connie: You're good at lying. You should do it more often.

George: ...That's called a safety.
Missy: I thought one of the players was a safety.
George: Well, that's true, too.
Missy: I'm confused.
George: Now you know how I feel when you talk about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Missy: What's confusing? Everything you need to know is in the title.

Cashier: Okay, 52 Texas snow globes comes to... $55.25.

Mary: I'm reading this book about mental problems, and I'm worried it sounds like Sheldon.
George: Well, stop reading the book.

Mary: Here's a question for you. Do you ever see or hear things that other people can't?
Sheldon: Oh, all the time. Right now, the car antenna is vibrating at the same frequency as the pistons in the motor. It's quite irritating, but you know me... I don't complain.
Mary: I meant more like things that aren't actually there.
Sheldon: Ah, isn't that the fundamental question of modern metaphysics? What is actually there? This is fun.

Mary: Um, do you ever feel paranoid, like people are out to get you?
Sheldon: I'm a ten-year-old in high school... people are out to get me.
Mary: That's fair.

Mary: I'm just worried about your future, and when I see you moving... subatomic particles around in the air, that makes...
Sheldon: Subatomic particles are real! You talk to an invisible man in the sky who grants wishes. If anyone's mental, it's you!

Sheldon: My mother believes I'm mentally unstable. And since there's a genetic component and I'm her child, I suppose it's possible.
Mary: I know you're angry right now, but you will not be disrespectful!
Sheldon: You know, fits of rage are a classic sign of psychosis.
Mary: Oh, you haven't seen fits of rage yet!!

Sheldon: I could be home right now wearing a blindfold, mittens and nose plug doing something important.
Mary: You know what? Maybe you should mention the blindfold and mittens to the doctor.
Sheldon: Or maybe I'll mention how you think that God speaks to you, because I find that concerning.
Mary: He does speak to me, and right now he's saying I should wash your mouth out with soap!
Sheldon: Violent fantasies. Interesting...

Missy: ...And the turtle eating the pizza is Leonardo.
George: How can you tell?
Missy: He's wearing blue. And he's the hot one.

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Midsommar (2019)

Dani: You didn't apologize, you said sorry, which sounds more like, "Too bad."

Dani: Is it tomorrow?
Christian: I mean, from yesterday's perspective, yes.

Christian: People just sleep here?
Pelle: Yeah, all the younger ones until we turn 36 and then we move to the laborers house.
Josh: Why 36?
Pelle: Well, we think of life like the seasons. So you're a child until you're 18 and that's Spring. And then at some point, we all do our Pilgrimage which is between 18 and 36. That's Summer, and then from 36 to 54, we're working age, which is Fall. And then finally from 54 to 72 you become a mentor.
Dani: What happens at 72?

Siv: We view life as a circle, a recycle. The lady who jumped, her name was Ylva, yes? And that baby over there who is not yet born will inherit that name. Instead of getting old and dying in pain and fear and shame, we give our life. As a gesture.
Connie: A gesture?
Siv: Before it can spoil. It does no good dying, lashing back at the inevitable. It corrupts the spirit.

Josh: That's cultural, you know? We stick our elders in nursing homes. I'm sure they find that disturbing. I think we really need to just at least try to acclimate.

Connie: Herring? What for?
Sven: It's tradition. For good luck.
Inga: And you must eat it whole.
Odd: But the tails go in first.

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A Girl from Arizona, Part 1

The Good Place 4×1

Chapter 40

Chidi: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! I can summon philosophy books like Thor's hammer. This is literally my number one dream. Also... ow! That hurt.

Chidi: Ah... and I'm... I'm sorry. This has been so overwhelming, I-I forgot your name.
Eleanor: Eleanor.
Chidi: Eleanor, right. Sorry. Eleanor, Eleanor, Eleanor. Now I'll never forget.
Eleanor: Well, you might!

Jason: And I'm also embracing you because this feels warm and my hands are cold.

Michael: And marching us into battle, our fearless leader, the pride of Phoenix, Arizona, Eleanor Shellstrop!
Eleanor: Technically, the pride of Phoenix is a life-size statue of Alice Cooper made from cigarette butts. It's outside City Hall. But thank you for the kind words.

Michael: With this team, there's no problem we can't solve.
Shawn: There is no problem we can't create.

Eleanor: Linda, this is Janet. If you want anything at all, Janet can bring it to you. Watch. Janet, can I have a baby elephant made of pure light that tells you true secrets about the universe?
Baby-Elephant-Made-of-Pure-Light: Shirley Temple killed JFK.

Baby-Elephant-Made-of-Pure-Light: Stonehenge was a sex thing.

Brent: Ah, you know what, maybe it's a good thing, actually. Some journalist was poking around, calling all these ladies who used to work for me. You can't even make a joke these days! Everything is so PC. And I was an equal-opportunity offender, okay? I made jokes about everybody, and by the way, I'm the furthest thing from racist. My dentist was a black woman. I just think people need to loosen up.

Eleanor: For this first week, all we need to do is figure out what the fork is up with these benches.

Michael: We can do this. On three. Dead eyes, eat hearts, can't lose... Ah, sorry. Old Bad Place rally cry.

Eleanor: Fine. Stupid... ethical... reasonable argument. I wish you were a cake. Push you over.
Michael: Are you still muttering?
Eleanor: No! I stopped. Stupid, good-hearing, reformed demon...

The Judge: Shawn, I don't have time for this. I just started "Deadwood"... finally... and I need my daily dose of Timothy Olyphant, so I'm gonna make this short. If you so much as breathe on this experiment again, I will restart the entire thing from scratch, and then I will personally rip off your eyelids and make you watch heartwarming videos of soldiers coming home to their dogs.

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Mr. Jingles

American Horror Story. 1984


Margaret Booth: You know, Karen, God helps those who help themselves. I've survived him before, and if he is stupid enough to show up, then I can promise you... Mr. Jingles will not survive me.

Margaret Booth: Boys and girls together after dark...
Brooke: Ms. Booth, I think we're in danger—
Margaret Booth: Yes. We are in danger. From sin.

Margaret Booth: A clean body is a clean mind. How many times do I have to go over the rules? Boys shower at night. No exceptions. Now go wash the filth off so you can wake up pure and refreshed for morning prayer.

Trevor: He's the dead guy with a fucking hole in his head!

Jonas: You need to leave. It's not safe.

Margaret Booth: Who are you?
Richard Ramirez: A servant of the Lord's son.
Margaret Booth: You're a Christian?
Richard Ramirez: The other son. The one He cast out.

Richard Ramirez: I killed this guy. And I mean I killed him dead, no question.
Margaret Booth: I see. Was that the first time you've killed someone?
Richard Ramirez: No. But it's the first time I had to do it twice.

Richard Ramirez: I killed him. And then he was alive again. How?
Margaret Booth: Well, Jesus, of course. The point of religion, of God, is to be there when there's no other way to explain something.

Richard Ramirez: The worst thing that ever happened to me... Everything.

Margaret Booth: Do you want to know the other great thing about God? You can use him to explain why something happened, but you can also use him to explain why you did something. Even something horrible. Isn't that great?

Richard Ramirez: So I don't have to feel bad for anything I do?
Margaret Booth: Not if you're doing God's work.
Richard Ramirez: Or Satan's.
Margaret Booth: And you say you didn't do well in school...

Margaret Booth: All you need to have the freedom to do whatever you want is two things... God and trauma.

Montana: Fuck you, Camp Redwood!

Jonas: Margaret? But you look so different.
Margaret Booth: You look exactly the same.
Jonas: But I thought you were dead!
Margaret Booth: I'm not, but I think you might be.

Jonas: Ghosts aren't real.
Margaret Booth: There are ghosts in the Bible, and you're here, so they must be real.

Xavier: We're all gonna die.

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Mexican Joker

South Park 23×1

Randy Marsh: It takes over a thousand plants to make just one box of Tegridy weed...

Randy Marsh: And of course it wouldn't be Colorado weed without our Rocky Mountain High tasting room. Feel free to come back here later and try all the Tegridy products.

Eric Cartman: I mean, how are us kids supposed to have any hope anymore? All I think about is all the problems our generation is inheriting. Climate change, over fishing, Kyle... I mean, how are we supposed to get happy about anything?

Randy Marsh: Not ordering as much? What the hell is going on?

Randy Marsh: You're stealing my idea, Stephen!
Stephen Stotch: Come on, growing marijuana is not your idea.
Randy Marsh: Yeah‐huh! While you assholes were all screwing around, I went out and made a living! When you grow your own pot, you're taking weed out of my children's mouths!

Randy Marsh: I'll get you for this, Stephen. You mess with my Tegridy, then I'm gonna mess with you!

Cashier: You alright there, partner?
Eric Cartman: Kids are being handed a world that's broken and sick. We aren't the ones who messed this planet up, but we're the ones who will pay the price.
Cashier: Okay. You have a nice day.

Eric Cartman: Detention centers? Well, this is nice! When did we start doing this?

Eric Cartman: So anyone can make an anonymous tip, and you can round up families and send them away? Nobody told me about this. I thought everything sucked now!

Kyle Broflovski: Okay, let me try to put this in terms you people will understand. You know superhero movies, right?
David: Pssh, yeah!
Kyle Broflovski: Okay, you remember how they always create the villain? Some random person, who, when they were a child, got taken from their parents and locked away? And the kid was just left to sit and plan revenge? What you're doing here is creating a Mexican Joker. And what's a Mexican Joker gonna do? He's gonna grow up and have memories of being wronged by you, and he will grow and wait, and then finally... fight back with a passion unlike anything you've ever seen!
Jeff: Which one of them do you think is Mexican Joker?

David: But... doesn't Mexican Joker understand that we we're just doing our job and trying to make America great?

Eric Cartman: I know. I know it sucks. But we're stuck in here together. Come on, guys! All we have to do is try to make the most of it!
     ♪ It's a hard‐knock life for us ♪
     ♪ It's a hard‐knock life for us ♪

David: Oh, hey, Jeff. Rodgers read an article about how electroshock therapy can help people who've gone through traumatic experiences. We figured some treatments could help Mexican Joker deal with his trauma.
Jeff: Are you guys completely stupid?! We can't perform shock therapy on every child that comes in here! Think of the budgetary restraints!
David: To hell with the cost, Jeff! If Mexican Joker doesn't have flashbacks, then he doesn't grow up to become a monster!
Jeff: What if this is the flashback?! We might be in the flashback, Dave! Maybe you're shocking the child that grows up to be Mexican Joker!
David: Oh, God. I don't know which way is up anymore!

Eric Cartman: Oh, come on, Kyle! I know it's no fun to be in here, but you can't think about yourself, think about the greater good. Now, when you don't like people, you can have them taken from their families and put into camps! Why does that make you... Oh, my God. Oh, Jesus, Kyle. I totally forgot you're a... Of course you're extra sensitive to this stuff. Oh, dude, I am sorry. Oh, my God. Kyle, I didn't even make the connection, you know?

Jeff: Oh, Christ! Look! He's converted them all to Judaism! Oh, Jesus! They're all Jews with their little aluminum‐foil yarmulkes!
David: Jeff, do you know what this means?! Now we'll have to let them all go! This is how Mexican Joker breaks free!

Jeff Corrigan: Nobody here is Mexican Joker?
Kyle Broflovski: NO!!!
Jeff Corrigan: Ooh, then I'm in the wrong flashback!

Randy Marsh: We're on our way to becoming the biggest weed brand in the country. I'm not getting pushed around anymore, you got it? So, go on. Anybody here wants to call me a towel, just go ahead and do it! Go on, Sharon. Call me a towel.
Sharon Marsh: Fine. You're a towel.
Randy Marsh: Best towel you ever had, bitch!

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The Belko Experiment (2016)

The Voice: All employees, no matter what you're doing, please stop and lend me your full attention.
Marty Espenscheid: Hey, it's Jesus!
The Voice: There are currently 80 of you in the building. In eight hours, most of you will be dead.

The Voice: Your first task is simply this. Murder any two of your fellow employees within the next half hour...

Marty Espenscheid: Bro, did you even happen to read what you signed when you started working for this place? We gave these fuckers the right to do practically whatever the fuck they wanted to do to us.

Marty Espenscheid: It's a psychological fucking test, man. They wanna see how we'll react to this bullshit. Look at me. Look how fucking chill I am. They lose, man. I fucking win. So just relax and take the day off, man. Consider it a present from corporate fucking America.

The Voice: This game's a real one. Each of you are deep inside it. You can choose to follow our directives, or not. Either way, you'll be giving us the results we're looking for.

The Voice: The time is now 12:47 pm. By 2:47 pm, in two hours, we want 30 of you dead through whatever means necessary. If 30 of you are not dead, we will end 60 of your lives through our own methods. Begin.

Leandra Florez: You need to be realistic, Mike. Everyone here is afraid for their lives. And at that point, whatever you think is right or wrong goes out the fucking window. It's human nature. At the end of the day, people are out for themselves.

The Voice: So far, you've killed 29 people. That's one short. You have two minutes remaining. If you don't kill one more person in the next 120 seconds, 30 more of you will die.

Marty Espenscheid: It's all in my mind. It's all in... It's all in my mind.

The Voice: The last stage of the game is quite simple. In one hour, whoever has killed the most people will be allowed to live. The current tally is as follows.... Begin.

Speaker Voice: With offices in over 40 countries, the Belko Corporation trains its employees to face all the challenges of modern office environment this dynamic business landscape provides. Not only do we bring the world together, we bring... There is no "I" in "team." We want our employees... be a part of the Belko family... Here to ensure that you become master of your own destiny. A winner, reaching your highest potential... The power to be your best is in your hands... The time is now.

The Voice: Just answer our questions, and we'll let you be on your way, yes? Now, which emotion most accurately describes how you feel in this moment? A, sad. B, relieved. C, confused. D...

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I Lost My Poor Meatball

Atypical 1×7

Sam: When I'm stressed out, I like to recite the four subspecies of Antarctic penguins. Adelie, chinstrap, emperor, gentoo.

Zahid: The point is, you can't dive into all this unless you know you love her back.
Sam: But... what about taking the D-Train to Bone Town? I have condoms. I've seen boobs. I'm ready.
Zahid: I'm sorry. That train has passed your stop, bro. You're headed straight for Love Land. You can still visit Bone Town for sure, nice day trip, little vacay, pop in, buy a trinket, but not until you get this love business squared away.
Sam: But... how do I know if I'm in love?
Zahid: You just know, man. You just know...

Casey: Can you knock?!
Elsa: Uh, not on a closed door, I can't. You know the rule... boy's inside, nothing to hide. I just made that up.

Sam: Learning the rules for something is important, but sometimes it feels like, as soon as you learn the rules, they change.

Sam: Paige says that she loves me, but I don't know if I love her. And Zahid says you just know, but I don't just know. And there's so much new stuff in my life, and I don't like new stuff unless it's exactly like the old stuff, but everything is new... dancing, love, Olive Garden.
Doug: Olive Garden?
Sam: They have unlimited breadsticks, but what does that mean? There has to be some kind of limit.

Sam: Here are some questions that I have. What exactly is a never-ending pasta bowl? It must end somewhere. Can I have noodles with butter? And if not, why? May I inspect your menus for stickiness? And, again, if not, why? Uh... Sometimes before I go to a new place, my family takes me there ahead of time to see what it's like. My Dad calls it "casing the joint," which is dumb, but it is helpful to know what to expect.

Elsa: Love is a big emotion. It can take a long time to develop, or it can happen like that.
Sam: How did you know you loved Dad? And please be specific.
Elsa: Um, well, that's a good question... Um, I guess because, um... when I'd wake up, your dad was the first person I thought of.
Doug: Oh. That's nice. I didn't know that.
Sam: Be quiet. Both of you be quiet. I need to write this down. ... Okay, Dad, how did you know you loved Mom?
Doug: Man. Oh... Mom... just makes me a better person. And so, you know, that's a big deal.
Sam: Okay. Anything else about love?
Elsa: Yeah. You always have your go-to person. When anything happens, good or bad, you have the person you want to bring it to. ...
Doug: You know another thing?—
Sam: Rules work better in threes. Please don't say anything else.

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10 окт. 2019 г.

Sex Education #1.8

Sex Education 1×8

Jean: Otis, let's talk about this in a calm and rational way—
Otis: Not calm! Not rational!

Mr. Hendricks: Look, we all have bad days, you know? But in every cloud, there is a rainstorm. No, wait, sorry, that's not right. "There is a rainbow in every cloud," is it?

Mr. Groff: Milburn... A word to the wise. Beware the wild female. They will chew you up and spit you out like stale crisps.

Jean: It wasn't fucking funny when I pushed you out of my vagina, either.

Otis: You say you're all about honesty and clear communication, but you're not honest at all. You inveigle your way into everything I do and then act like it's an accident. You cross multitudes of parental boundaries on a daily basis. You're a... sneaky, sneaky woman!
Jean: That is a vast over-exaggeration!

Mr. Groff: Please tell us why you should stay at this school... Nothing? Very well, then...
Maeve: I'm really smart, sir. I'd read all of Jane Austen by the time I was 12. Including her lesser-known work, Lady Susan, which is a severely underrated piece of feminist literature. Um... I can also debate the inherent difference between existentialism and transcendentalism, explaining why Sartre is the prominent voice of the former, and the latter is barely remembered as a philosophical movement. I can also gauge the depths of Mr. Hendricks' personal despair based on his choice of Hawaiian shirt... I'm really smart. I just got unlucky in the family department.

Otis: Can you not shout, okay?
Jean: I wish you weren't so concerned about what your peers thought. You don't want to develop a subservient personality trait.

Otis: Yeah, well, I am all those things, Mum. And... some of it is your fault. A lot of it's Dad's fault, but mostly it's just... it's me. I'm not... I'm not normal.
Jean: Of course you're normal. You're 16! You're not supposed to know the answers to anything. You're going to be just fine.

Otis: Thank you for saying sorry.
Jean: Well, apologizing isn't just social etiquette, it's a hugely important human ritual that brings relationships together and helps people to move forward, and... And you already know all that, don't you?

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The Intransigence of Love

You're the Worst 5×1

Customer: What's new that's in that's good?
Jake: You are aware... that there are over 100 years of cinema released before this week?
Customer: But I'm interested in new releases.
Jake: Why? Why is something new somehow better? Crystal Pepsi is new, and it sucks.

Ziggy: Why are you so terrible to customers?
Jake: Because film matters. There is no other medium that holds a mirror to the human condition as nakedly as film does, that speaks directly to our pain and sorrow and joy like cinema. Nothing else comes close.

Jake: You know, you're the first person to ever appreciate my section?
Gemma: Seriously? Well, these movies, they aren't perfect, but they're not trying to be. No, they're messy and complicated because life is messy and complicated. They were forged out of passion and madness, and sometimes just a holy desire to make something ugly and uncomfortable and haunting and brilliant and thrilling. And that's beautiful. At least to me.

Gretchen: Why do you think we keep telling wedding planners these hella tight but fake stories about us? Is it because we don't have a love story?
Jimmy: What? We have the best love story because ours is ugly and uncomfortable and haunting and brilliant and thrilling and, yeah, it's messy and complicated, but it's true. And that's beautiful, at least to me.

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9 окт. 2019 г.

Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

Ned Leeds: We're gonna be bachelors in Europe... I may not know much, but I do know this: Europeans love Americans.
Peter Parker: Really?
Ned Leeds: More than half of them are women.

MJ: By the way, travel tip: You should download a VPN on your phone, so the government can't track you while abroad.

Ned Leeds: .... So, uh, we're boyfriend and girlfriend now.
Peter Parker: Whatever happened to being an American bachelor in Europe?
Ned Leeds: Peter, those were the words of a boy. And that boy met a woman. A very strong and powerful woman. And now, that boy's a man.
Betty Brant: Babe?
Ned Leeds: Coming, babe.

MJ: It's perfect. The most perfect word. Italians created it, I discovered it.
Peter Parker: What does it mean?
MJ: It means a million things. I don't know. Get out of my face. I don't know and get out of my face. It's the best thing Italy created, except for espresso. ... "Boh" is my new superpower. It's like the anti-"aloha." I was born to say this word.

Mr. Harrington: What do you think it is?
Mr. Dell: You know, being a man of science... witches.

Nick Fury: "Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown." Stark said you wouldn't get that because it's not a Star Wars reference. You can lose the mask. Everyone here has seen you without it. You'd only be feigning anonymity and breathing through spandex for no good reason.

Quentin Beck: I saw what you did with the tower. We could use someone like you on my world.
Peter Parker: Thanks. I'm sorry. Your world?
Nick Fury: Mr. Beck is from Earth. Just not yours.
Quentin Beck: There are multiple realities. This is Earth Dimension 616. I'm from Earth 833.
Peter Parker: I'm sorry, you're saying there's a multiverse? 'Cause I thought that was theoretical. That changes how we understand the initial singularity. We're talking about an eternal inflation system. How does that even work with all the quantum...? It's insane. S-sorry. It's really cool.

E.D.I.T.H.: EDITH stands for "Even dead, I'm the hero." Tony loved his acronyms.

Betty Brant: I would totally kiss you, but I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.
Ned Leeds: .... I might have a mint.

Mr. Dell: I came for science. I'm leaving 'cause of witches. Welcome to the new dark ages!

Quentin Beck: These days, you can be the smartest guy in the room, the most qualified, and no one cares. Unless you're flying around with a cape or shooting lasers from your hands, no one will even listen.

Quentin Beck: It's easy to fool people when they're already fooling themselves.

Happy Hogan: You're not Iron Man. You're never gonna be Iron Man. Nobody could live up to Tony. Not even Tony. Tony was my best friend. And he was a mess. He second-guessed everything he did. He was all over the place.

Happy Hogan: Your friends are in trouble, you're all alone, your tech is missing. What are you gonna do about it?
Peter Parker: I'm gonna kick his ass.
Happy Hogan: I mean, right now. Specifically, what are we gonna do? We've been hovering over a tulip field for the last 15 minutes.

Peter Parker: What's your password?
Happy Hogan: "Password."
Peter Parker: No, what is your password?
Happy Hogan: "Password," spelled out.
Peter Parker: Head of security, and your password is "password"?
Happy Hogan: I don't feel good about it.

Happy Hogan: You take care of the suit. I'll take care of the music....
Peter Parker: Oh, I love Led Zeppelin!

Brad Davis: Is no one else here interested in the truth?... "The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world."
MJ: George Orwell.
Brad Davis: Thank you, MJ.

Peter Parker: How could you do all of this?
Quentin Beck: You'll see, Peter. People, they need to believe. And nowadays... they'll believe anything.

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This Is Us 4×1

Rebecca: It's so strange, isn't it? How, just like that, a complete stranger can become such a big part of your story... It's actually kind of terrifying, you know? How a single cross with one person you've never met can change... everything.

Miguel: This girl, she's worth it?
Jack: Oh, man, she's like no one you've ever seen.

Jack: Of course, the monster wasn't real, but my brother's fear... that was real. The sweat on his forehead was real. My brother's experience was real. I lost my brother in Vietnam...

Jack: I know... a stranger taking your daughter cross-country might not have been your favorite thing. And I'm sorry that was your first impression of me, but... don't worry. You'll get to know me. I'm not going anywhere.

Dave Malone: Everyone would say "Oh, she's a Daddy's girl." And I said, "No. She is her daddy's world."

Dave Malone: I want more for her than you can offer, Jack. I will do everything I can to stop this. And make no mistake about this, son. I'm a lot harder to beat than an imaginary monster in a closet.

Darnell: Responsibility. For me, it was always a pain in the ass word. When I was young, it meant doing chores. As I got older, it meant not getting to do the stuff I really wanted to do.

Rebecca: I would like to dedicate this song to a man who was a total stranger just a few weeks ago. I may be only Pittsburgh good, but, my God, he makes me feel like one day, I will stand on the biggest stage in the world.

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