29 апр. 2017 г.

The Kingmaker

Billions 2×8

& Rhoades, Sr.: Now, some people, when aging a cigar, keep it at 70 percent humidity. That mellows the Puro. I, of course, want no such thing. I take it to 80 percent ’cause I prefer...
    Chuck: The funk.
    Rhoades, Sr.: Exactly right.

& Chuck: We don’t have kings, Dad. We live in a democracy.
    Rhoades, Sr.: You sound like a fucking hippie.

& Wags: Foley won’t talk to you. He won’t even talk to me.

& Bryan: No, I’m out of the guessing-what-Chuck-Rhoades-wants business. My new line is listening to what he actually says, and his standing directive is stay clear of Axelrod, so that’s what we’re gonna do.

& Axelrod: You’re more afraid of him than you are of me...

& Axelrod: .... A billion dollars.
    Domingo: Are you offering me that?
    Axelrod: No. I’m not fucking insane. But you would have taken it.

& Bryan: Axelrod banished you. He made you a Ronin.

& Bryan: ... All because you pledged yourself to an unworthy lord. Axelrod lacks five of the eight virtues of the Bushido.
    Dr. Gus: .... Six. Oftentimes, he wasn’t even polite.
    Bryan: Under these circumstances, honor doesn’t demand silence or self-harm. It demands vengeance.

& Wendy: How can I help you?
    Taylor: I have to tell you, I’ve had 927 hours of therapy.
    Wendy: So you’ve seen... cognitive, humanistic, probably some holistic... What do you think you need?

& Taylor: Since Axe likes me, other people do, or pretend to.
    Wendy: Why do you think he likes you?
    Taylor: One of the two reasons anyone likes anyone else. Either they recognize a part of themselves, or they see something they can use. In this case, I imagine it’s both.
    Wendy: There’s another reason people like each other. They see something they’re lacking, and they want to be near it.

& Taylor: I don’t like to lie. To myself, to others. I’ve been there, and I’m past that.
    Wendy: Well, then encourage him without words. Let him know you care.
    Taylor: How?
    Wendy: ... Just buy him something.

& Chuck: You know what it takes to find a truffle? A hog, a dog, whatever keenly scented, carefully trained animal gets the assignment, spends a lifetime traipsing through the dark, sniffing out the slightest aroma. And only then the digging begins. And what do you think they’re digging through?.. Shit. That’s the thing we don’t say much about, right? The things we most value, the things we pay most dearly to ingest are grown in shit.
    Ira: What the fuck are you talking about?

& Chuck: .... Or you can step aside and explain that you have looked at the future, and where we’re going, «We need Rhoades.»

& Axelrod: Would you mind telling me who?
    Jack Foley: Inelegant of you to even ask.

& Axelrod: You could have written something more stylish.
    Jack Foley: It’s not supposed to be stylish. It’s supposed to make you feel a little bit ill, like an out-of-season oyster.

& Chuck: So, what’s the trick?
    Jack Foley: The trick? Hmm. Well, like most, it’s bracingly simple. You pick the right man, and then you get him the fuck out of his own way so people can actually see him.

& Jack Foley: Elections aren’t about ideas. Elections are about candidates. And candidates are about what’s in here.

& Jack Foley: I am not going to ask you. You can’t think it works that way.
    Chuck: Jack. Will you make me governor?

& Jack Foley: Whatever’s meant to happen always does.

& Rhoades, Sr.: You know the joke about the two bulls on top of the hill and the cows down below?
    Chuck: The young bull wants to run down and fuck one. And the old bull says, «Let’s walk on down and fuck ’em all.»
    Rhoades, Sr.: That has been repeated so many times in movies, TV shows. It’s taken as received wisdom, except the thing is you can’t. Nobody gets to fuck ’em all. You got to choose which one you’re gonna fuck, and then... fuck her good.

& Axelrod: You know, they say that a boy never really becomes a man until he’s buried his father...

& Rhoades, Sr.: Maybe in the end, you’re the one guy that does get to fuck ’em all.

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Better Call Saul 3×1

& Saul: Say nothing, you understand?! Get a lawyer! Get a lawyer.

& Mike: Call me a cab, will ya?
    Junkyard Owner: What about your vehicle?
    Mike: Keep it.

& Captain Bauer: Fudge is not a person. He wasn’t in the war.
    Jimmy: Well, neither was Tom Cruise, and look what «Top Gun» did for you.

& Jimmy: Look, um, I’m a lawyer, and this is what I do all day, every day, so h-how about this? I-I won’t fly jet planes... you, uh, stay out of court. Does that sound good?

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28 апр. 2017 г.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

& Matthew Bennell: What is that suppose to be?
    Chef: It is cervelles en matelote.
    Matthew Bennell: In English, what would I be eating if I ate that?
    Chef: Ah. Calves’ brain in red wine.
    Matthew Bennell: Red wine and what else?
    Restaurant Owner: Mais, c’est impossible. It’s impossible. It’s a secret, Mr Bennell!
    Matthew Bennell: You don’t have any secrets from the Department of Health, Henri.

& Matthew Bennell: What did the mad dentist get up to this time?
    Elizabeth Driscoll: I don’t know. He was just weird.
    Matthew Bennell: He’s crazy. All dentists are crazy.

& Elizabeth Driscoll: I know this is gonna sound insane... Geoffrey is not Geoffrey.
    Matthew Bennell: How do you know?
    Elizabeth Driscoll: I know. I mean, on the outside Geoffrey is still Geoffrey, but on the inside I can tell there is something different. Something is missing.

& Elizabeth Driscoll: The psychiatrist?!
    Matthew Bennell: Not like that. I mean, if you talk to him he would put things into perspective.
    Elizabeth Driscoll: I’m not crazy!
    Matthew Bennell: No, no, no. I’m serious. He would eliminate a lot of things. He would eliminate whether Geoffrey was having an affair, whether he’d become gay, whether he had a social disease, whether he had become a Republican. All the alternatives, all the things that could have happened to him to have made you feel he had changed.

& Dr. David Kibner: Oh, people, will you please listen to yourselves? Will you please listen to what you are saying? Look, I can deal with a body being moved. I can even deal with a body getting up and leaving, but when you start talking about his other body, her other body, people being duplicated, will you listen to how that sounds?
    Nancy Bellicec: Don’t you think we know how insane this sounds?

& Elizabeth Driscoll: Look, I have seen these flowers all over. They’re growing like parasites on other plants. All of a sudden... Where are they coming from?
    Nancy Bellicec: Outer space.
    Jack Bellicec: They’re not from outer space... They’re not from outer space, Nancy.
    Nancy Bellicec: Why?!... Why not a space flower? Why do we always expect metal ships?
    Jack Bellicec: I’ve never expected metal ships!

& Elizabeth Driscoll: Matthew. There’s nothing to be afraid of. They were right. It’s painless. It’s good. Come. Sleep. Matthew.

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The Separation Agitation

The Big Bang Theory 10×21

& Howard: What are you making?
    Stuart: Chicken. Birds mess with my hair, I come back hard.

& Penny: So is this your first time dating a scientist? ’Cause I’m thinking of starting a support group...
    Rebecca: Actually, I’m not new to this. I was engaged to a Scientologist.

& Raj: So... How did you two meet?
    Rebecca: Oh, it’s such a cute story. We met on a dating Web site.
    Leonard: .......... Is that it?
    Rebecca: Oh, sorry. The end.

& Amy: Go.
    Sheldon: Fine...
    Amy: And don’t you slam that door.
    Sheldon: Aw, man.

& Bert: She’s so perfect, sometimes I think she isn’t real. And then she goes to the bathroom, and I know she is.

& Penny: You know, on our first date, Leonard used a coupon to buy me a pretzel.
    Leonard: And we lived happily ever after.
    Penny: The end.

& Sheldon: Who’s ready to laugh? Okay. So...
    Feynman, Einstein and Schrodinger walk into a bar. Feynman says, «It appears we’re inside a joke.»
    Einstein replies, «But only to an observer who saw us walk in simultaneously.»
    To which Schrodinger says, «If someone’s looking in the window, I’m leaving.»
    Leonard: ....... That’s actually funny.

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Feud 1×6

& Jack Warner: Quick, Biff...
    Bart: Bart.
    Jack Warner: What is it about these hag movies that people love?
    Bart: I don’t know, my-my mom says that they’re kind of degrading.
    Jack Warner: Bingo. Degradation. That’s what it is.

& Jack Warner: You take some movie queen of yore, who was once too beautiful to screw us and you make her suffer. Tearing down your idols. It’s very satisfying for an audience. Don’t you think, Bob?

& Jack Warner: Goddamn it! I created this genre! Hagsploitation! It even has its own word! And you know who came up with that?
    Dennis: The New York Times?
    Jack Warner: No! Me!

& Hedda Hopper: If I am finished, and the sum of my life’s work is tallied, am I satisfied? With reams of gossip?
    Joan Crawford: Oh, how can you say that? Look at all the careers that you have launched. Mine included.
    Hedda Hopper: I didn’t muse on the careers I’d nurtured. I thought about the ones I destroyed. The reds, the queers, the whores, the cheaters and dopeheads. The ones who cursed me, sued me, offed themselves. And I felt... good.

& Hedda Hopper: All right, Joan. But just remember... It’s always better to cooperate.

& Jack Warner: Let me explain something to you, all right? Goldwyn is finished, Mayer is dead, and Selznick is just one pastrami sandwich away from a coronary. But Jack L. Warner still runs Warner Brothers. And incidentally, how many brothers do you see standing in this room?
    Robert Aldrich: You’re the only one, Jack.
    Jack Warner: That’s right. I’m the last goddamn dinosaur.

& Jack Warner: I need a miracle. I need another goddamn Baby Jane.
    Robert Aldrich: And it’s called What Ever Happened to Cousin Charlotte?
    Jack Warner: That’s a great title. I love this title.
    Robert Aldrich: Because it’ll remind people of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
    Jack Warner: Mm-hmm.

& Robert Aldrich: I am not working with them again together, never again.
    Jack Warner: You can’t work with them? Wha...
    Robert Aldrich: They hate each other! Besides, they’d never agree to it.
    Jack Warner: Bobby, if you think it’s twilight for us, it is midnight for them. They are gonna do your Charlotte picture. And you know what? They’re gonna do it for less. And you know what else? So are you.

& Joan Crawford: ...And now she’s doing television? I mean, really, is that a face America wants in its living room at dinnertime? I don’t think so.

& Robert Aldrich: ...But we did some good work together, the three of us!
    Bette Davis: Did we? I’m not so sure.... I’m seen as a joke now. A white-faced ghoul.
    Joan Crawford: I let myself be overshadowed, pushed aside.
    Bette Davis: A grotesque caricature. That’s the way I’m going to be remembered.
    Joan Crawford: I outlasted Garbo, for Christ’s sakes. Now I’m going out as a dowdy matron?.. The answer’s...
    Bette Davis: No.

& Joan Crawford: I have never been lucky.

& Jack Warner: Every studio is struggling to find their own hag horror picture. And we got the two original hags.
    Robert Aldrich: The winning combination.

& Jack Warner: What are you saying? You shopped my picture around to other studios?!
    Robert Aldrich: It’s my picture, Jack. And now, Zanuck’s.
    Jack Warner: You can’t work for Zanuck. We have an agreement.
    Robert Aldrich: No, no, we don’t. But I do have a contract with Zanuck. Oh, and I’m not working for him, we’re partners. I have full autonomy, final cut, and some respect.
    Jack Warner: Respect is cheap. And you tell Zanuck I’ll sue... Fuck you!

& Jack Warner: You fu... give me... give me back my cigar.
    Robert Aldrich: I didn’t come here for your cigars.
    Jack Warner: No, what’d you come here for?
    Robert Aldrich: I came here to get my balls back. You hear ’em clanking?

& & Bette Davis: I want a promise from you.
    Joan Crawford: What?
    Bette Davis: When we go in there, we present a united front. ... The only way we’re going to get what we want is to speak with one voice, preferably mine.

& Robert Aldrich: What’s wrong with it?
    Bette Davis: A couple of guys arguing in a study? We have an illicit love affair, we have a Louisiana plantation to play with, and our introduction to Charlotte is a goddamn oil painting.
    Joan Crawford: I agree with Bette. And I was also wondering, do we really need all these ellipses? «Only Charlotte,» dot, dot, dot. I mean, wouldn’t a comma be more appropriate? Even a semicolon.

& Bette Davis: What I see is... is chopped off hands and bloodied stumps. But where are the good character scenes? Where are the meaty monologues?
    Joan Crawford: Yes, and does the syntax concern anyone else here at the table? I mean, Louisianians speak with a kind of music all their own.

& Bette Davis: Don’t get me wrong. I am not opposed to blood and guts, all right? I mean, Shakespeare, for Christ’s sake, he had a woman eat her sons in a pie, but there is a fine line between art and trash, and that line is plausibility.

& Bette Davis: .... And change the goddamn title!

& Joan Crawford: If you’ve any decency, you’ll agree. There’s enough there to purchase whatever it is you think you have.
    Hal: You mean my personal copy of Velvet Lips?..

& Joan Crawford: Come on, Hal. The film.
    Hal: There is no film, Billie. You said so yourself.

& Mamacita: There are many pleasures still to enjoy. New friends. You are invited to parties all the time...
    Joan Crawford: I can’t show my face without having a picture to discuss. If I’m not working, I might as well be dead.

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High Heat

Elementary 5×19

& Holmes: Here. Have a nightmare.

& Louis Garmendia: Means a lot to have one of our own working this thing for Fred.
    Holmes: Sorry, one of your own?
    Louis Garmendia: NYOOPI members. You and your partner. Feels right keeping it in the family.
    Holmes: Remind me, how long have we been in the family?

& Holmes: What do you think?
    Watson: I think there’s a bus bench with my picture on it in the library.

& Holmes: For $278 in annual fees, anyone can advertise using this, and gain access to NYOOPI’s all-important Web site. So here, have your pick. Disgraced FBI agents, idiots off the street, me. We are all equal in the eyes of this group.
    Watson: You’re being a snob.
    Holmes: Someone has to be.

& Watson: What are you talking about?
    Holmes: I’m talking, Watson, about Chernobyl... On April 26, 1986, a test of the Chernobyl power plant’s safety system went awry, causing one of its nuclear reactors to explode.
    Watson: I remember. Everyone remembers.

& Holmes: ...like a phoenix rising from the dung heap, a new trade organization has been born to take its place: ESOOPI. The Empire State Order of Private Investigators.

& Watson: Is that...?
    Holmes: The test, yes. I thought you would be honored to be the first ESOOPI member to attempt it.
    Watson: «List three suitable methods for determining the age of a fecal deposit on a...» This is the first question?
    Holmes: Two hours, Watson. Make me proud.

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Максим Фрай — Неуловимый Хабба Хэн

<< Властелин Морморы (Хроники Ехо — 2)

Хроники Ехо — 3

– Спать – мое основное занятие. Видеть сны и сниться, а больше я толком ничего и не умею, пожалуй.

У кошек все иначе. Когда я говорю, что влюбилась, это значит, я просто счастлива, что такое существо есть на свете. А уж если вдруг оно рядом со мной какое-то время будет находиться – вообще сказка, праздник! И ничего мне от него больше не надо. Пусть что хочет, то и делает. Ну, если по голове меня погладит, я, конечно, от счастья растаю. А нет – так нет, не беда и не повод для грусти. Погляжу на него, послушаю да и пойду по своим делам. Вот это я называю – влюбиться. А ты что подумал?
     – Ерунду я подумал... У меня тоже иногда получается так влюбиться, как ты рассказываешь. Но не всегда. Ох не всегда!

Невозможно стесняться человека, который сидит на дереве и болтает ногами, как мальчишка.

– Ага. «Северо-западный проход»... Правила простые... Нужно пройти из одного места в другое каким-нибудь новым, неизвестным тебе путем. Чем больше откроешь со временем новых дорог, тем лучше. ... Суть игры в том и состоит, чтобы найти как можно больше разных способов добраться... Это могут быть очень длинные, путаные и неудобные дороги. А можно случайно найти еще более короткий путь, так бывает. Если, скажем, не по улице, а проходными дворами. Ну, как повезет.
     – А как понять, выиграл ты или проиграл?
     – Очень просто. Если ты пойдешь незнакомой дорогой и не заблудишься, не упрешься в тупик, не застрянешь в запертом дворе, а доберешься до цели, значит, выиграла. А если придется возвращаться назад и начинать все сначала – проиграла. Но, честно говоря, проигрывать – тоже сплошное удовольствие...

Иногда все-таки очень трудно быть человеком, особенно если есть с чем сравнивать.

Когда люди выбиты из колеи, про них сразу все самое главное понятно.

– Скверных рассказчиков не бывает. Изредка встречаются люди, которым не о чем рассказывать, поскольку их память не способна хранить по-настоящему интересные события, без которых, насколько мне известно, не обходится ни одна человеческая жизнь.

26 апр. 2017 г.

Blood Punch

& Milton: Think back on it now... It’s easy to see where all this was heading. It’s easy to see all the warning signs. But uh... You have to understand that at the time... you couldn’t see any of it. Cause at the time all we could see... what we wanted to see... was her.

& Milton: We knew we were headed for trouble. We didn’t know exactly how much and we didn’t know exactly what kind... but we knew it was coming. What we didn’t know... was the answer to the only question that really mattered. The question that I’m here to answer for you. Was... she... worth it?

& Skyler: What’s wrong with him? He’s a psychopathic maniac. I told you that right up front, remember?
    Milton: Yeah, I know you said that, but you never said...
    Skyler: What kind of psychopathic maniac were you expecting, Milton? The cute and cuddly kind?

& Skyler: Oh fuck me with a chainsaw!

& Milton: Just wait, I wanna... I want it to stay like this.
    Skyler: I know, Milton... but at some point you’re gonna have to wake up.

& Skyler: You need to understand something... You can’t reason with him. You have to kill him.

& Skyler: You said you wanted to follow me straight into hell, right? Well guess what... we’re here.

& Skyler: Maybe the answer to this whole thing, maybe the real way out is just to never leave...

& Skyler: This thing we’re stuck in... maybe it isn’t hell after all. Maybe it’s something else.
    Milton: Like what? Heaven?
    Skyler: As close to it as we’re ever gonna get.
    Russell: Breakfast time, boys and girls, most important meal of the day...
    Milton: We still have Russell to deal with. Every single morning.
    Skyler: Small price to pay for heaven.

& Motel Clerk: And let’s see... smoking or non-smoking?
    Skyler: Take one wild fucking guess.

& Archer: Let’s just say I’ll see you in hell and leave it at that.
    Skyler: Yeah, Archer... maybe I’ll see you in hell... Or maybe... I’ll see you tomorrow.

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The Monster and the Rocket

The Expanse 2×12

& Errinwright: You know, you’re at an age now when time is just gonna... You’re just going to put your head down and... «Whoosh.» And all the old farts like me, we’re all going to be telling you this is how you do it and this is the path you take. We’re all going to be experts on how you should grow up. But there’s only one thing that I need to tell you. And it’s the simplest thing. But it’s the hardest thing to remember... Listen to your heart. No matter what. It’ll always be the right call.

& Holden: When the European tall-ships first arrived on the American continent, the natives couldn’t see them. The sight was so completely outside of their experience, they just couldn’t compute. So they didn’t see.
    Alex: Those natives all got wiped out in the end, didn’t they?

& Alex: If that thing out there really is some sort of human-protocrap hybrid, then... we’re yesterday’s model. Obsolete.

& Draper: So where’s the old lady? I was told...
    Cotyar: It’s Madam Undersecretary to you. Or just Madam.

& Melissa: People are getting scared. Which means they’ll start getting ugly.

& Korshunov: Why is all new technology first viewed as a weapon? ...
    Errinwright: You give a monkey a stick, inevitably he’ll beat another monkey to death with it.

& Draper: Ah. Military intelligence. Filing reports and hiding behind a desk, huh?
    Cotyar: Forward observer. I spent plenty of time in the dirt. My IQ tested too high to be a marine.
    Draper: And your morals tested low enough to be a spy. That’s good training for politics.

& Holden: Somnambulist, what’s your status?
    Naomi: Status? You’re a son-of-a-bitch! That’s my status.
    Holden: It’s good to hear you, too.

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25 апр. 2017 г.

Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte

& New Boy: What if she catches me?
    Gang Leader: Shh! Then you tell her you’re Jewel Mayhew from down the road... and you come a-lookin’ for your poor, little old husband’s head.

& Charlotte: Where you are, I could spit in your eye... with no strain at all.

& Sheriff Standish: She’s not really crazy. She just acts that way... because people seem to expect it of her.

& Charlotte: What do you think I asked you here for? Company? I thought you were gonna help me!

& Charlotte: Let me see. What-What is it you call your job? Oh, yes. Public relations. Sounds like somethin’ pretty dirty to me.

& Miriam: We don’t have time for regrets now, Drew. And there is a lot to regret.

& Miriam: How could she stand being alone here all these years?
    Dr. Drew: People who oblige to live alone have a habit of creatin’ company for themselves. Innocent fancies can become fixed delusions.

& Charlotte: We could get rid of the body. We could hide it somewhere. Then people would think someone else had done it. That’s the only thing to do...

+ Quotes on the IMDb

Mommy Dearest

Grimm 3×14

«I am going off to a house
and entering it like a snake...
I will devour their babes and
make their hearts ache.»

Myth of the Gello

& Sgt. Wu: Does that taste any good?
    Sgt. Franco: Not really, but my wife’s been mad at me for not eating healthier, so I’m trying.
    Sgt. Wu: Sometimes my cat gets mad at me, and all she needs is a belly rub.
    Sgt. Franco: My wife’s not a cat.
    Sgt. Wu: Doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work.

& Sgt. Wu: Dana and her husband, Sam, moved here from the Philippines
because I told ’em it was a great city. Beautiful, safe...

& Hank: If this is Wesen related, how are you gonna keep Wu in the loop?
    Nick: ... We lie.
    Juliette: Ah. The basis of any lasting relationship.

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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

& Alice: They say that history is written by the victors. This, then, is the history of the Umbrella Corporation,

& Alice: .... My name is Alice, and this is my story. The end of my story.

& Alice: You’re fast. But you’re not too smart.

& Dr. Isaacs: One way or another, our world is coming to an end. Now, the question is, will we end with it?

& Dr. Isaacs: I propose that we end the world, but on our terms. An orchestrated apocalypse, one that will cleanse the Earth of its population, but leave its infrastructure and resources intact. It’s been done once before... with great success.
    The chosen few will ride out the storm, not in an Ark, as in the book of Genesis, but in safety, underground. And when it’s over, we will emerge onto a cleansed Earth, one that we can then reboot in our image.

& Dr. Isaacs: You thought you were the original?

& Dr. Isaacs: How touching. The trinity of bitches, united in their hatred.

& Alice: Is that all you got? ’Cause if it is, I’m gonna have to kill you.

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Σ nostradamvs: "Полтора часа однообразных бессюжетных прыжков героини вокруг зомбаков разной степени омерзительности. Треш, снятый за годовой бюджет средних размеров страны. Фильм-колыбельная. 0/10."

The Recollection Dissipation

The Big Bang Theory 10×20

& Raj: Guys, before this gets ugly, remember, the winner gets Sheldon.

& Howard: What are you wearing, oh, friend who we pretend is normal?

& Sheldon: B.R.B., that’s short for «Be right back.» I’m saving so much time!

& Amy: I didn’t expect that you could work on both projects, but I, I was wrong.
    Sheldon: You know, I felt the same way about the spork. Uh, solids and liquids handled by one utensil? That’ll never work. Spoiler: works.

& Leonard: I got to admit, we didn’t think you’d be able to do two things at once.
    Sheldon: Yeah, I felt the same way about the platypus. You know, bird and mammal in the same creature? No way. And spoiler: way.

& Penny: You know, there was a time I would say «God bless you,» and then you would say «If you must invoke an imaginary deity, how about Thor?» And I would say, «How do you know I didn’t mean Thor?» And then you would say «Touché,» and that there ends the tale of why I no longer say «God bless you.»
    Sheldon: ... Well, we have had some fun, haven’t we?

& Stuart: Why don’t you think she’s fine? She sounds fine, she looks fine. If I saw her on the street I’d say, «Damn, that girl’s fine!»

& Amy: I don’t want your germs around me.
    Sheldon: What? You hold my hand, you kiss my mouth, but you draw the line at 102 fever? What happened to our love?

& Sheldon: Why am I naked from the waist down?!

& Sheldon: My pants are missing, I don’t remember anything... Penny, this is your youth. What do I do?
    Penny: I don’t know, check your body for tattoos?

& Sheldon: That’s it. ... I’m going to prison. And you know what happens to people like me in prison. I’ll be forced to be some large man’s tutor.

& Howard: I’m just feeling like something’s bothering you.
    Bernadette: Nope, all good.
    Howard: Prove it, make love to me right now on the kitchen floor!

& Howard: I don’t know a lot about women, but I know I upset them.

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Prison Break: Sequel 1×1

& Mike: Freedom has a price. I died seven years ago.

& Mike: The dead talk... if you listen. They’re there with you... reaching out... trying to tell you something. Because not all deaths are the same. Some are real. Some are a story. Question is... do you believe the story?

& Guard: Something really wrong with the world when I’m receiving dozens of letters a week for guys like you.
    T-Bag: Nothing compared to the e-mails.

& T-Bag: Seems fate has deigned to join us at the hip once again, despite our mutual contempt.

& T-Bag: ...I gave the words another look-see. Maybe that’s the answer.
«By your hand you shall know the glories of your Progeny and our world will be made right forevermore.» Hell if I know what that means.

& T-Bag: Oh, I made a copy, Burrows. I knew you’d be the same obstinate son of a beyotch you always been, but I’d hoped you’d seen the light. But you are what you is and you is what you are.

& Sara: He hasn’t just mythologized you. He mythologizes Michael, too. It’s like someone thinking he was born to a god, a god he’s never met... and who isn’t here. And who never will be again.

& Lincoln: I’ll do it. I’ll go to Yemen.

& Lincoln: You changed your life around...
    C-Note: A man gets tired of living a profligate life. So I took up jihad. Real jihad, not that madness that you see on the news. War within. The spiritual struggle to clean up your act. Finding and serving God.

& C-Note: But Ogygia? I mean, that’s for heavy hitters, political prisoners. In Yemen, it doesn’t come any worse. I mean, do you know what it would take to stage a death?

& C-Note: Michael has never been anyone’s sucker. He’s always been in control. Always.
    Lincoln: You saying he faked his own death?
    C-Note: I’m saying you need to look at all of the possibilities before you walk into a war zone.

& T-Bag: Sometimes a man has to surrender to fate. See what it has in store for him.

& T-Bag: You’ll forgive me if I have a problem lying unconscious before a man with sharp items at his disposal.

& T-Bag: Oh, fate, you mysterious bitch...

& Sucre: Hold on. You’re not saying he gets to go. He’s not any browner than I am!

& C-Note: Greetings from the U.S. prison system, bitches.

& Dr. Whitcombe: I got a single word. That’s it. Just... my benefactors ID’d themselves by a single word. Outis. I looked it up. It’s Greek for «nobody.» That’s who your benefactor is, Mr. Bagwell. Nobody.

& Omar: Inshallah... you will see your brother soon.

& Mikey: What was my father like? My real father.
    Sara: Michael Scofield... was like a storm. He was beautiful and... frightening... and mysterious. And he would show up in your life out of the clear blue sky and then he would disappear just as quickly.
    Mikey: But storms, they can come back. Can’t they?
    Sara: Mm-hmm. Question is, if they come back, is it the same storm, or has something changed?

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Colony 2×13

& Kill: I think it’s a numbers station. Old spy trick used a lot in the Cold War. The numbers only make sense to somebody who knows what they’re listening for.
    Katie: So we need a code book?

92, 10, 60, 27, 4, 30, 72, 8, 11, 1.

& Snyder: There are... moderate aliens?
    Helena: Yes. And they were overruled.

& Maggie: Recommit? I’m a seventh level member! I founded this temple.
    — The Greatest Day teaches us that humility is one of the key pillars in a life of service to our Hosts. Perhaps beginning your journey anew could set an example for others who have found themselves lost...

& Snyder: Let’s say I get past my healthy skepticism.

& Snyder: I’m no different than you, Sergeant. Just a loyal soldier, following orders.

& Snyder: We’re all inmates in the same prison. They take what they need, and then we’re disposable.

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Максим Фрай — Властелин Морморы (6/6)

&  Сам-то я не слишком жалую уличное веселье, но – вот парадокс – твердо знаю, что в городах, где регулярно устраивают праздники, гораздо лучше живется. Всем, даже мизантропам вроде меня.

&  Кажется, сэр Шурф не так уж заблуждался, утверждая, будто качели в саду могут изменить жизнь к лучшему. Очень даже может быть.

&  Я не так уж мало прожил на свете и практически разучился говорить: "не могу", "не знаю", "не понимаю" – повода давненько не было. Но бесконечные новые возможности играть с реальностью все еще кружат мне голову, как любовь и война мальчишке-подростку.
  ... Следовательно, жизнь моя только начинается — в который уже раз.”

Нет ничего менее постоянного, чем мудрость человеческая.

Счастье следует строго дозировать, а то захлебнусь, пожалуй.

>> Неуловимый Хабба Хэн (Хроники Ехо — 3) (будет (בהנ"ו))