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This Is Us 3×6

Randall: I won't defend myself unless I really have to. It'll just make me feel better to know I can.

Randall: Please, do not come to Philly. Last thing I need is my white, movie star brother coming and destroying what's left of my already precious-little street cred.

Randall: Wow. This is all... a lot.

Kevin: It-it just blew our little minds that there was wood paneling behind the wallpaper. Like, it had never occurred to us that there was anything beneath those ships... I started peeling.

Kevin: Kamsahamnida... You know what that is?... The Manny. Number-one show in South Korea.

Kevin: You know, sometimes my heart is so big I can't even stand it. What's the game plan?

Rebecca: Can I let you in on a little secret? Toby and Audio and your maybe-baby that I think is going to turn into a real baby... There's gonna be a million things, a million decisions you're gonna have to make for them, and you will. You'll do exactly what I did. You're gonna... take a deep breath... and make a choice... and just hope you didn't screw things up too badly.

Deja: Randall ... loves you like he's in a Disney movie or something, like he hears tiny forest animals singing or playing kazoos or something whenever you walk into a room.

Deja: If you're sad, then you should talk to him. He'll tell you you're exceptional, and he'll say it so easy that you'll believe it.

Kate: Toby. I think you should go on a walk with us.

Randall: You need to peel the wallpaper.
Kevin: I need to peel the wallpaper.

Rebecca: All right, you win.
Jake: Win what?
Rebecca: Teach me how to box.

Jake: Oh, wow. I mean, you in a nightgown with boxing gloves on, I mean, that was a fantasy I didn't even know that I was missing.

Jake: Did you see that? He gets hit square in the jaw, spits out blood, and what does he do? He smiles. Why would he do that?... He doesn't want his opponent to know that he's hurt. There's this thing that some fighters do. Okay? If their opponent hits them really hard, they just plaster on a big old smile.

Kate: I'm not gonna leave you... I signed up for better or worse.

Kate: In sickness and health, for better, for worse. I'm talking forever.

Zoe: Vietnam, huh?... Yeah.

Randall: I already got 20 years of data that says that Beth Pearson is the best teammate there is. You are my missing ingredient, baby. You're the horseradish in my Bloody Mary.

Beth: Let's win you an election.
Randall: That's what I'm talking about.

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American Horror Story. Apocalypse


Michael Langdon: What do you want from me?! What am I supposed to do?! Fuck am I supposed to do?

Hannah: People. Listen the fuck up. Just because we have a president who's a total douchenozzle and global warming is getting worse, that doesn't mean you can sit here on your lazy asses and holler out a few "Hail Satans." You think end-time's just gonna show up like a herpes sore?

Michael: That's actually really nice of you.
Madelyn: What can I say? Nobody's perfect.

Madelyn: So... what's your story? How did you end up all alone and at our beloved Satan's doorstep?
Michael: My father abandoned me. And my mother tried to kill me.
Madelyn: Humanity... is shit.

Madelyn: We've got a greater purpose. We are moving towards the beginning of the end. Our savior is coming. The spawn of Satan will... lead us off the cliff and into the end-times. We just have to make things terrible enough for him to rise.

Hannah: Ladies and gentlemen, the volunteer All-Sinners choir! They really know how to raise some hell, don't they, kids?... And, you ask, why does it rain every time they sing? Because God is pissing in his pants.

Hannah: Well, now that we're in the mood, are you ready for an old-fashioned human sacrifice?

Madelyn: So, what happens next?
Michael: Probably your lasagna.
Madelyn: No, I meant on the global annihilation front.

Madelyn: What do you mean you're not sure?
Michael: I don't know what to do, where to begin.
Madelyn: But you're the Antichrist.
Michael: Which people won't let me forget! Everyone keeps saying that I'm special, that I'm the only one who can bring about the end-times, but nobody gave me a fucking instruction manual!

Madelyn: Dead? That's something we can work around.

Madelyn: I want to be in the lowest circle.
Michael: Circle?
Madelyn: However it's structured, I want to be in the worst part. Or the best part. I want to burn in blistering fire for all eternity in service.
Michael: I'll see what I can do.

Office Girl: You don't have to insult me again.
Wilhemina: I certainly don't have to. But why deny myself one of life's simple pleasures?

Jeff: For years we worked 20 hours a day in R&D for a company whose nondisclosure agreements prevent us from mentioning by name. But did Elon give us any credit? Any opportunity for advancement? No!
Mutt: No! The fix is in, man. The world is run by prep school failsons and Russian oligarchs. Everyone else just slaves away trying to make these rich assholes richer.

Jeff: We are your servants, Michael. Now and forever. How can we help, even in the most microscopic of ways?

Mutt: You came to the right place. Our AI tech makes HAL 9000 look like a fucking abacus.

Jeff: No, it's not good enough, bro. Not when your client is the spawn of Satan. Think.
Mutt: I'm thinking!
Jeff: Think harder!
Mutt: I'm thinking!
Jeff: Think faster!
Mutt: We need to make her Mossad.
Jeff: Yeah! Mossad!

Mutt: 240 terabytes of memory, over 11,000 processor cores.
Jeff: She could crush Watson at Jeopardy! and kick the asses of every roided actor in the Expendables franchise.

Mutt: Just don't tell her she's a biomechanical humanoid. At least not at first. It'll send her into the mother of all existential crises. She could end up killing herself, maybe others... Not worth the headache.

Mutt: And now... Kineros Robotics proudly presents... the Battle-Ax-- Miriam Mead 2.0.

Miriam Mead 2.0: How I've missed you, Michael.

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Г. Робертс — Тень горы (12/18)

&  Журналистика – это лекарство, которое порождает болезнь.

&  Любовь – это то, что не имеет никакой ценности для посторонних, но дороже всего на свете для нас.

&  – Стыд – дело прошлое или очень скоро им станет.

&  – Прелесть прошлого заключается в том, что его нельзя изменить.

&  Женщину, которая намного умнее тебя, любить очень трудно – самое страшное, что, когда тебя снова и снова швыряют лицом в грязь, от этого получаешь удовольствие.

&  – Любовь – одновременно и богач и бедняк, и хозяин и раб. И обе ее ипостаси одинаково плохи. ...
     – По-моему, это слова человека, который ненавидит бедняков.
     – Между прочим, бедняков никто не любит. Даже сами бедняки. Дело в том, что некоторые рождены повелевать, но большинство рождены, чтобы подчиняться.

&  Все оставляет след. Каждый удар топора эхом разносится по лесу. Каждое несправедливое деяние перерубает ветвь, каждая утрата – поваленное дерево. Для человечества характерны надежда и смелость. Даже когда жизнь ранит нас, мы продолжаем двигаться вперед. Мы идем – навстречу ветру и океану, навстречу соленой правде смерти – и не желаем останавливаться. Каждым нашим шагом, каждым вздохом, каждым исполненным желанием мы обязаны тем, чью жизнь и любовь, в отличие от наших, больше не осеняет искра и биение священного источника: возлюбленной души, сквозившей в их взгляде.

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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 1×5

Abe: You got a job?
Midge: Yes.
Abe: You have no résumé.
Midge: They hired me anyway.
Abe: Do you know how to type?
Midge: I don't need to.
Abe: Okay.

Abe: I told you to study something practical in college.
Midge: I remember that.
Abe: Russian literature was not that thing.
Midge: I know.
Abe: Okay.

Abe: And it's five days a week?
Midge: Yes.
Abe: If it rains, you still have to go in.
Midge: I figured.
Abe: And you know how to get there?
Midge: By multiple routes.
Abe: Okay.

Abe: And they're paying you?
Midge: Yes.
Abe: In money?
Midge: Yes.
Abe: By check?
Midge: Every two weeks.
Abe: You'll need a bank account.
Midge: I have a bank account.
Abe: Checking and savings?
Midge: Yep.
Abe: Okay.

Abe: Your mother can't watch the kids every day.
Midge: Mrs. Fulber will watch them when she can't.
Abe: Okay.

Abe: Mrs. Fulber?
Midge: Yep.
Abe: The one that used to babysit you?
Midge: The one and the same.
Abe: She's still alive?
Midge: I think so.
Abe: I'll be damned... Okay.

Mary: Remember, Midge: always be on time... always be polite... always be pretty... and... don't forget to punch.

Jackie: So, "Miriam," right?
Midge: Yes, but I'll be using a nom de plume.
Jackie: A nom de what?
Midge: Nom de plume.
Susie: Sounds like a sex toy.
Jackie: Yeah, like it goes up your ass or something.

Jackie: All right, give it up for a very funny lady, whose name you're gonna want to remember... Fanny Midge.

Susie: You bombed.
Midge: But I'm funny.
Susie: Everybody bombs.
Midge: But I've seen Rickles five times. He's never bombed. The guys go on Jack Paar, they never bomb.
Susie: Yeah, that's 'cause they've spent years bombing and honing their act so you don't have to see them bomb. They've bombed, believe me.
Midge: Well, I'm not gonna bomb again.
Susie: No, you're gonna bomb again and again and again and again.
Midge: Why would anyone do this if they're just gonna bomb again and again and again?
Susie: Because it's part of the process.

Susie: Next time, prepare a little. Spontaneity works until it doesn't work. Then you're stuck.

Midge: Excuse me. Herb Smith?
Herb Smith: That depends. Are you with the government?

Herb: Verla, how much do you love your Herb?
Verla: With every bone in my body.
Herb: Bring us, uh, a half pastrami on rye and a half chopped liver on challah, a stuffed cabbage, some kasha varnishkes, and a bit of arugula... I know what you're thinking. "He's extremely Jewish."
Midge: And extremely hungry.
Herb: Guilty on all counts.

Herb: It's 15 bucks for the first five minutes of material. Sound good?

Abe: Just had to see it for myself...

Jackie: What stupid fucking name are using this time?
Midge: Sadie Morton.
Jackie: Why not?

Herb: Hey, Midge, one thought?.. The husband joke. When you hit him over the head with the frying pan, it's not "doink." It's... "Doy-yoy-yoy-yoy-yoink!"

Moishe: No.
Joel: What?
Moishe: Her. No.
Joel: What the hell are you talking about?
Moishe: You know what I'm talking about.
Joel: How would I know what you're talking about?
Moishe: She's young, she's emptyheaded, she doesn't eat. She's a shiksa.
Joel: So?
Moishe: Shiksas are for practice.

Shirley: No.

Midge: I once mixed tequila, absinthe and red wine. Came out pink. I'd never puked my favorite color before.

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The Obliged

The Walking Dead 9×4

Eugene: Seems Mother Nature served us up a serious bowl of whoop-ass in the form of an overnight deluge, effectively annihilating the upstream levee.
Rick: What are the chances the bridge'll hold?
Eugene: Well, factoring in the undue stress of the rapid current against the supports, plus the added weight from the construction materials and whatnot, I take no pleasure in saying that, in the long term, it's bad.

Eugene: ...once merged, neither Tordelia nor Cordalt had a particularly good ring to them... The herd monikers are from the great book... of plays. They're a starter set of dead Shakespearean characters. Needed an endless pool.

Eugene: I am truly very sorry I didn't do more. Maybe if I'd just, well, read more books... Engineering, motivational, or otherwise... Maybe we would've... Maybe we could've...

Rick: You're not just a guy who read some books. You made something. You got us here. After everything... that's everything.

Negan: I'm proof that you're making a civilization, right?

Daryl: Man, you got that guy sitting in a cell like a damn symbol to all them assholes who can't wait to see things go back to the way that they were.
Rick: Keeping him alive is how we make sure it won't!
Daryl: No. Keeping him alive is givin' 'em hope that it will.

Daryl: Man, you keep askin' us to have faith in all these other people. Truth is... you don't have enough faith in us.

Rick: I never... I never asked anyone to follow me.
Daryl: I know. I know. But maybe you should've...

Negan: We were built for more. We still are, Michonne. Behind walls and bars, we die. But, see, out there... it's like an addiction.

Negan: There is nothing worse than nothing.
Michonne: Long as you're still breathing, it's not nothing.

Michonne: Eat, Negan. Food's good.

Rick: Brother... take my hand.

Anne: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. I need to go fast.

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Г. Робертс — Тень горы (11/18)

&  – Да кто мы такие, чтобы верить в Бога? Достаточно того, что Бог верит в нас.

&  Каждый из нас – сам себе темница.

«Подспудное чувство досады питается нашими неудовлетворенными потребностями и желаниями.»

&  Худший – и зачастую превалирующий – из писательских инстинктов заключается в попытке с ходу найти изъян в эффектной фразе, написанной или произнесенной кем-то другим.

&  «Однообразное постоянство, когда ты делишь каждый свой миг с мгновениями других людей» – это было на редкость точное и образное определение тюрьмы.

&  Хорошая сторона – это лишь половина правды, а правда – лишь половина истории.

&  Вера – это бесстрашное убеждение; свобода – высшая ступень веры.

&  – Знаешь, в чем разница между войной и миром? ... В мирное время приносят в жертву многих ради спасения одного. А на войне жертвуешь одним для того, чтобы спасти многих.
     – Складно придумано. [Но] Жертвуют не ради чисел. Жертвуют ради любви. Ради родины. ... Война кровава снаружи. Мир кровав изнутри, как и положено. По-моему, в этом и заключается разница. Война разрушает, а мир созидает.

&  – Чем меньше знаешь, тем лучше. Сладкая правда легко превращается в горькую, когда ее начнут из тебя извлекать.

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High Hopes (1988)

Wayne: What's that?
Shirley: It's a cactus, innit?
Wayne: Oh.
Shirley: Guess what its name is.
Wayne: Don't know.
Shirley: Thatcher. 'Cause it's a pain in the arse. Prongs you every time you walk past it.

Shirley: That bit's Denis. That's Bollock, Dick, Turd, Brains. That's Willy. That's Knob. They've all got names.

Shirley: Sleep tight.
Wayne: Hope the fleas don't bite.

Mrs Bender: Do you think I could use your toilet?
Lætitia: Ah, the lavatory. Yah, I'll show you where it is in a minute.

Cyril: Where's my mum?
Rupert: Ah! Now, look here, I really have no idea where your mother is, who she may be, or indeed, whether you have one.

Rupert: Now, what made this country great was a place for everyone, and everyone in his place. And this is my place.

Cyril: "The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."...
Shirley: Oh, look. There's the chairman of the South African Communist Party here... Oh, sempervivums. I've got these in the back room at home. They're succulents.
Cyril: The thing is, change what? It's a different world now, innit?
Shirley: That ivy could do with a bit of a prune.
Cyril: By the year 2000, there'll be 36 TV stations,
Shirley: They've planted them trees right on top of them graves.
Cyril: Pissing in the wind, innit?

Shirley: Tell me what you want.
Cyril: Don't tell me what to say.
Shirley: I ain't telling you, I'm asking you.
Cyril: I can't say. It's too obvious... Too complicated...
Shirley: Go on.
Cyril: It sounds stupid. I want everyone to have enough to eat... I told you!.. Places to live, jobs.
Shirley: Don't we all?
Cyril: Then you have babies. I ain't gonna get what I want though, am I?
Shirley: No.

Shirley: The world ain't ever gonna be perfect.

Cyril: Here he is, the jerk in the Merc.
Shirley: No, the wanker in the tanker.
Cyril: The weasel in the diesel.

Martin: Four-eyed fucking moron!
Cyril: You talking to me?
Martin: No, not you, Cyril. Your bleedin' sister.
Cyril: Fair enough.

Cyril: I'll be 70 in 2026, if we're all still here... That'll be the centenary of the General Strike.
Shirley: What? I'll be 35 in June. If we have a kid this year, when you're 70, he'll be 35. Or she.

Cyril: Are you scared of getting old?
Shirley: A bit. Are you?
Cyril: Don't know. I'm scared of looking back.
Shirley: What do you mean?
Cyril: From 25 to 35... Best years of your life, aren't they?
Shirley: And what about after that?
Cyril: Downhill.
Shirley: What, all the way?
Cyril: I'm scared of getting bitter.
Shirley: You won't get bitter.

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Carbon Dating and a Stuffed Raccoon

Young Sheldon 2×7

Sheldon: So you just avoid discussing topics you don't agree on?
George: At all costs.
Sheldon: Hearing that further convinces me I'll never get married.
George: Never say never.
Sheldon: Why not? You just said it twice.

Missy: We owe you?!
Meemaw: The numbers don't lie.

Meemaw: All right, listen. I love ya, and you're family, so if you do it for nothing, we'll call it even.
Missy: Take it, take it, take it.
Georgie: You got yourself a deal.

Connie: Got to get rid of the old gar-bage, make room for the new gar-bage.

George: It's getting a little tougher to ignore you.

George: I'm sorry. Uh... I don't know what to say.
Linda: Uh, oh. You don't have to say anything.
George: That I can do.

Adult Sheldon: It was at this moment I learned I was not only brilliant; I was also hilarious.

Billy: I only have 50 cents.
Missy: That's okay. We're haggling.
Billy: I don't know what that means.
Missy: You make me an offer, and we meet in the middle.
Billy: The middle of what?
Missy: I'm not really sure.

Linda: How do you and Mary handle the stress?
George: Well, we actually have a pretty good system.
Linda: Oh, please tell me.
George: We don't talk about it.
Linda: Not at all?
George: Zippo.

Dr. Sturgis: Is this some kind of bargaining technique? Because I should warn you. I've been to the bazaars in Istanbul, where the negotiations are fast, furious and bilingual.

Billy: Okay, ten cents a week for a whole year. I get the raccoon, and to tell people you're my girlfriend.
Missy: 15 cents a week, and if you say hello to me in school, I'll say hello back.
Billy: Deal.

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Predator (1987)

Dutch: What do you need us for?
Major General Phillips: Cos some damn fool accused you of being the best.

Dutch: Who's our backup?
Dillon: No such thing, old buddy. This is a one-way ticket. Once we cross that border, we're on our own.
Dutch: This is getting better by the minute.

Dillon: Never knew how much I missed this, Dutch.
Dutch: You never were that smart.

Blain: Payback time.
Mac: Time to let Ol' Painless' out of the bag.

Dillon: You're an asset... an expendable asset... and I used you to get the job done. Got it?
Dutch: My men are not expendable. And I don't do this kind of work.

Poncho: Billy... you know something. What is it?
Billy: I'm scared, Poncho.
Poncho: Bullshit. You ain't afraid of no man.
Billy: There's something out there waiting for us... and it ain't no man.We're all gonna die.

Dutch: If it bleeds, we can kill it.

Dutch: Bleed, bastard!... You're one ugly motherfucker.

Dutch: Bad idea.

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The Grant Allocation Derivation

The Big Bang Theory 12×7

Sheldon: Facts are my nails, and my voice is the hammer which pounds them through the wood of your skull.

Howard: Pretty cool, huh? And when our kids outgrow it, we can Airbnb it to other people's babies.

Howard: You can laugh at that one later, too.

Sheldon: All right, I've kept you in suspense long enough. "Dutch" is a bastardization of the word "Deutsch," meaning German.
Penny: What's German for "annoying"?
Sheldon: Nervig. Why do you ask?

Leonard: How do I decide who gets the money?
President Siebert: How do you decide anything? Think about it with your brain, and then say it with your mouth.

Leonard: That's a lot of responsibility.
President Siebert: Well, if I didn't think you were up to the task, you wouldn't have been fifth on my list.

Bernadette: Have you ever told Leonard a little white lie?
Penny: Mm. Well, he thinks I've seen every one of the Star Wars movies, but I've really only seen the one with the gold robot.
Bernadette: ... That could be any of them.
Penny: Exactly!

Bernadette: The minute I get home, I have two kids hanging on me, and sometimes I don't want babies pulling my hair and pinching my belly fat.
Penny: That'd be a good slogan for a condom company...

Raj: And you just pretend like you don't know?
Howard: Sure. That's how marriage works.

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The Disappointment of the Dionne Quintuplets

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel 1×4

Abe: We are not paying for another TV just so that you can have Jack Paar in your bedroom. We only have this one in case of a national emergency.

Abe: Okay. Just for this evening... I still control this house! I'm just doing it from in there.

Abe: I want you to talk to Miriam.
Rose: About what?
Abe: Her son eats with his mouth open. It needs to stop.
Rose: He's three.
Abe: When I was three, I could resole a shoe.
Rose: I'm not sure that's a direct comparison.
Abe: Well... we're doomed.

Abe: I am not a two-TV set sort of man. Maybe other people have two TVs. Maybe Jack Paar has two TVs. But not me.

Midge: What spot's she getting?
Susie: Are you kidding? She can't work here. But damn, I love the flute...

Susie: I mean, we don't even really know who you are yet... I mean, what kind of comic are you? Are you a planter or a stalker?
Midge: Stalker.
Susie: Will you tell one-liners, stream of consciousness?
Midge: Stream of consciousness.
Susie: Personal? Political?
Midge: Personal tinged by political.
Susie: Okay. Well, I guess we do know who you are. But we have to figure out what you'll say.

Susie: There's more to think about besides material.
Midge: Really? Like what?
Susie: Holding for laughs... Uh, working the room... Dealing with hecklers. How to enter, how to exit. How to use a mic; mics can be very tricky.

Midge: I don't want to use my real name... I don't want people to know I'm talking about me. I want them to think I'm talking about Tula Raine. Huh?
Susie: That's a stripper name.
Midge: What about Lotte McAllister?
Susie: That's an Irish stripper name. Use your real one.
Midge: No. Miriam Maisel's a person. Anya Morgenstern...
Susie: Is my cleaning lady. No.

Susie: These guys have never spoken to a viable mate before. Virgil, Oz, meet Midge.
Midge: Nice to meet you, fellas...
Susie: Mm, pretty sure that's the sound of two guys spontaneously ejaculating.

Rose: Why are you doing this?
Midge: Doing what?
Rose: You're baiting your father.
Midge: I'm not. He shares his opinion, I share mine.
Rose: Well, don't do that. Just let him win.

Midge: So, if you don't like Kennedy, who do you want for president, Nixon?
Abe: Oh, my God. When Richard Milhous Nixon becomes president, we move to France.

Susie: What are you doing?
Midge: Taking notes. Research.
Susie: You gonna write everything down?
Midge: Everything I think is pertinent or interesting, or could be pertinent or interesting.
Susie: So the answer's yes.

Midge: You're asking me an awful lot of questions tonight.
Susie: Well, I find you fascinating. You're like a super coiffed science experiment.

Abe: You know the rules of this house. You do not leave your towels on the floor... we'll get back to that, by the way... Home by 11:00.
Midge: Are you kidding me?!
Abe: 10:00 if you keep arguing.

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Fade to Blue

Mr. Mercedes 2x10

Brady: ...in jail together?

Bill: You really expect me to shake that thing?

Montez: ... put a suit on, and just... generally look better than you do right now.

Reporter: Bill Hodges, Michelle Roberts, WPDK Milwaukee. Can I get a comment?
Bill: Free agency ruined baseball. That's all I got.

Shields: This is what I'm talking about, Your Honor. Mr. Mercedes is no longer among us.

Lou: I don't un... I don't understand what you're expecting me to do here.
Bill: Just go in and talk to him... see where it goes.

Bill: All right, I have a toast now. ... Somebody said it's not the destination, it's the journey. ... Look, however this ends, okay, however this ends... I met you guys on this journey, and, uh... and I love every one of ya. All that stuff. So that's the end of the toast. Now can we drink before the tea goes cold?

Lou: Oh, I don't know if I can do this.
Holly: ...when things get really hard sometimes, I tell myself that I'm gonna hold my breath for the rest of my life, which, of course, is impossible. I mean, no one can hold their breath forever, but next to that, you know, everything seems simple. So just tell yourself you're gonna hold your breath. But don't. But just, um, take breaths. Just... deep... breaths.
Bill: Uh, Holly?
Holly: Mm-hmm?
Bill: Stop helping.

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Г. Робертс — Тень горы (10/18)

&  – Но чему-то мы должны подчиняться?
     – Подчиняйся законам страны, в которой ты живешь. Кроме тех случаев, когда эти законы вынуждают тебя идти против совести. Следуй золотому правилу: «Поступай с другими так, как ты хочешь, чтобы поступали с тобой». Подчиняйся своей интуиции в творчестве, любви и познании. Подчиняйся универсальному закону сознания, согласно которому все, что ты думаешь, говоришь или делаешь, неизбежно имеет эффект, отличный от нулевого, пусть даже это сказывается лишь на тебе самом; посему в своих мыслях, словах и поступках старайся свести к минимуму негатив и акцентируй позитивную сторону. Повинуйся естественному стремлению прощать ближнего и делиться с ним тем, что имеешь. Повинуйся своей вере. Повинуйся зову сердца. Сердце никогда не лжет.

&  – Вселенной потребовалось очень много времени – четырнадцать миллиардов лет, чтобы здесь, на этой планете, зародилось сознание, способное уяснить данный факт и вычислить этот срок. Вдумайтесь: четырнадцать тысяч миллионов лет эволюции понадобились для того, чтобы мыслящие порождения Вселенной смогли вычислить ее возраст. И мы не можем допустить, чтобы эти четырнадцать миллиардов лет в конечном счете оказались потраченными впустую. У нас нет морального права расточать, уродовать или губить наше сознание. Мы не имеем права отрекаться от нашей воли, самой ценной и прекрасной вещи во вселенной. Мы обязаны учиться, познавать, искать ответы на вопросы, быть честными и добросовестными людьми. И наш первейший долг состоит в соединении нашего сознания с другим, таким же свободным сознанием во имя общей цели: любви.

&  Вернейший признак фанатизма – это отсутствие чувства юмора.

&  Я чувствовал себя как дома. Ибо твой истинный дом – это сердце, которое тебе суждено полюбить.

&  – Он же политик. А политика это не столько обман, сколько умение догадаться, когда обманывают тебя.

&  – Главная причина, по которой так много людей хочет разбогатеть, – это желание быть свободным. А свобода подразумевает, что тебе не нужны чужие деньги.

&  – Безопасность – это пещера, теплая, уютная, однако в ней темно, а где есть свет, там есть и риск.

14 нояб. 2018 г.


American Horror Story. Apocalypse


Dinah: Toenails? Nasty. You really hate your husband.

Dinah: Tell all your friends. The voodoo queen can fix any problem.

Dinah: The only thing that matters in this world isn't white or black. It's green.

Bubbles: Witchcraft is a talent that I was born with. But acting, I had to work for.

Bubbles: You and your generation think that you can get whatever you want with the click of a mouse or the uttering of a spell. But, let me tell you, to achieve something, that's magic of the highest order.

Bubbles: You expect me to read his mind.
Madison: Did you just read hers?
Bubbles: Like a Sidney Sheldon novel, darling.

Cordelia: You know why I'm here?
Papa Legba: The Antichrist. Michael Langdon. Bringer of the End of Days. But what makes you think I can help? I am merely a gatekeeper between humanity and the underworld.

Cordelia: Not every power is a blessing.
Coco: Well. I have the power of too much information. How am I ever gonna eat another corn dog?

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This Is Us 3×5

Toby: Hello? Yeah, this is she, he, yeah, it's Toby.

Kate: One embryo, Tobes. We've got one shot.

Beth: Okay. Hoop earrings. "Hey, how you doing?" Or power necklace. "What's up?"
Randall: I like them hoochie hoops.
Beth: "Hoochie?" Okay, necklace.

Beth: No, you're an emotional man, Randall. You talk about fathers, you cry. You talk about daughters, you cry. Okay, you talk about the little round boy on the corner who tried to sell lemonade in the winter...
Randall: All his lemonade froze, Beth.
Beth: Yeah, well he was stupid, baby.

Beth: Knock them dead, Councilman.
Randall: You take no prisoners, baby.

Kate: Hey, babe... Thanks for being my rock.
Toby: Always.

Kate: Here's the thing. When sad things happen to me, I tend to shut music out of my life. A lot of sad things have happened to me, which is why I'm nearly 40, singing Adele-o-grams. Fits and starts, right?

Donny Robinson: How deep you want to go here, son?
Kevin: Well, I'm here, right?

Zoe: There's always gonna be something, right? And do I really want to spend my time trying to explain what it's like to be black to a white movie star?

Donny Robinson: In my experience with this particular war, sometimes the answers are so dark you're better off not having them.

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Г. Робертс — Тень горы (9/18)

&  – Правда бывает двух видов. Та, которая похожа на себя, и та, которая есть на самом деле.

&  – У разочарования есть такое свойство: оно тебя никогда не подводит.

&  – Как правило, счастье подает сигнал всем вокруг: «Просьба не беспокоить», только это никого не останавливает.

&  Чужие секреты страшнее любого проклятия.

&  Полезный урок: чем слабее ваша связь с реальностью, тем страшнее для вас окружающий мир. С другой стороны, чем ближе вы к рациональному восприятию мира, тем чаще следует сомневаться и задавать вопросы.

&  Верность бывает необходима лишь в тех случаях, когда тебе не хватает любви. Если же твоя любовь достаточно сильна, вопрос о верности просто не возникает.

&  – То, о чем я веду речь, не имеет ничего общего с гордостью. Много полезного можно обрести, время от времени склоняя голову и опускаясь на колени. Каждому из нас полезно иной раз смирить свою гордыню, пасть ниц и признать, что ты ничего не знаешь, что ты вовсе не пуп земли и что тебе есть чего стыдиться из тобой содеянного, как есть и за что благодарить других...
     Теперь возьмем гордость – правильную гордость, необходимую нам для выживания в этом суровом мире. Правильная гордость никогда не скажет: «Я лучше, чем кто-то другой». Такие речи – удел порочной гордости. А правильная гордость говорит: «При всех моих недостатках я имею законное право на существование, и у меня есть воля как инструмент, с помощью которого я могу себя совершенствовать». Скажу больше, человек в принципе не способен изменить и улучшить себя самого, если у него нетправильной гордости...
     Я хочу донести до вас следующее: преклоняйте колени в смирении, преклоняйте колени, ощущая связь со всеми живыми существами этого мира, преклоняйте колени, осознавая, что все мы едины в своем стремлении к истине. Преклоняйте колени, но не повинуйтесь слепо никогда и никому.

&  – Повиновение должно иметь разумный предел, иначе оно даст одним людям возможность творить все, что им вздумается, с другими людьми.

&  – Повиновение убивает совесть. Вот почему в нем нуждается всякая власть и организация.

13 нояб. 2018 г.

I, Daniel Blake (2016)

Daniel Blake: Listen, you know, you give me a plot of land, I can build you a house. But I've never been anywhere near a computer.
Job Centre Floor Manager: D'you know what, we're digital by default.
Daniel Blake: Oh, here we gan. I hear this all the time on the phone, "I'm digital by default." Well I'm pencil by default.

Daniel Blake: Is that printing out now? You mean, they could have given it to me just like that?
China: Dan, they'll fuck you around, I'm warning you. Make it as miserable as possible. No accident. That's the plan. I know dozens who have just given up.
Daniel Blake: Well they've picked the wrong one if they think I'm gonna give up. I'm like a dog with a bone, me, son.

Daniel Blake: It's a monumental farce, isn't it? You sitting there with your friendly name tag on your chest, Ann, opposite a sick man looking for nonexistent jobs, that I can't take anyway. Wasting my time, employers' time, your time. And all it does is humiliate me, grind me down. Or is that the point, to get my name off those computers? Well, I'm not doing it any more. I've had enough.

Katie: They call this a "pauper's funeral" because it's the cheapest slot, at 9:00. But Dan wasn't a pauper to us. He gave us things that money can't buy. When he died, I found this on him. He always used to write in pencil. And he wanted to read it at his appeal but he never got the chance to. And I swear that this lovely man had so much more to give, and that the State drove him to an early grave. And this is what he wrote. "I am not a client, a customer, nor a service user. I am not a shirker, a scrounger, a beggar, nor a thief. I'm not a National Insurance Number or blip on a screen. I paid my dues, never a penny short, and proud to do so. I don't tug the forelock, but look my neighbour in the eye and help him if I can. I don't accept or seek charity. My name is Daniel Blake. I am a man, not a dog. As such, I demand my rights. I demand you treat me with respect. I, Daniel Blake, am a citizen, nothing more and nothing less." Thank you.

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Seven Deadly Sins and a Small Carl Sagan

Young Sheldon 2×6

Pastor Jeff: Once again, our intentions were pure...

Pastor Jeff: ...But, most importantly, you'll have an opportunity to bring people to God by vividly demonstrating the perils of sin.

Mary: I already know the first change I'm gonna make. Instead of calling it "Hell House," which is a little off-putting, I'm gonna call it... "Heck House." Isn't that great?

Georgie: Oh, I get it. Happy wife, happy life.
George: You need to stop talking.

Connie: Hang on, y'all are trying to scare people into joining the church?
Mary: Yeah. But people like getting scared on Halloween anyway. Why not make 'em jump in the right direction?

Sheldon: Actually, fear has been a recruiting tactic used by organized religion for centuries. When you add guilt to keep people in line, it's an extremely efficient form of crowd control.
Mary: Our religion is based on love, Sheldon, not fear.
Sheldon: So what happens when people don't follow the rules?
Mary: They burn in hell.... Because God loves 'em.

Mr. Lundy: Oh, please. Anything for the church.
Mary: Are you a religious man?
Mr. Lundy: I'm an actor. I'm whatever you need me to be.

Mr. Lundy: Pride, envy, gluttony, lust, sloth, wrath and greed!
Mary: Wow, you know your sins!
Mr. Lundy: Well, again, I'm an actor. They are the tools in my box.

Mary: Do you believe this?
Connie: Believe it, love it, glad I didn't wait in the car.

George: No good?
Mary: It's awful. It makes sin seem like a good thing.
George: Well, that's the problem, isn't it? I mean, if sin didn't seem like a good thing, nobody would do it.

Mary: George, please, I'm in no mood!
George: Hey. Wrath. That's one of the seven sins, right?

George: Oh, look, pride. And envy. Don't stop. Four sins to go... I'm guessing lust ain't happening tonight.

Mr. Lundy: Mary, I am a trained theater professional. Why don't you just let me do what I do, while you, you know, go home and make... a nice tuna casserole. Hmm?

Adult Sheldon: Vindication, the sweetest candy of all!

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Г. Робертс — Тень горы (8/18)

&  – Каждое прощание – это репетиция последнего прощания.
     – Приветствие может иной раз солгать, но прощание всегда правдиво.

&  – Вымысел – это реальность, которая пришлась не ко двору. Правда о чем-то всегда есть ложь о чем-нибудь другом.

&  – Вдохновение – это благодать, даруемая тишью да гладью. Истина – это стражник в темнице души. Рабство не может быть упразднено системой, потому что система и есть рабство.
     – Истина – это лопата в твоих руках. А твоя миссия – это яма.

&  – Каждая частица – это нечто целое.
     – Целое не может быть разделено без произвола над частицами.

&  – Произвол – это привилегия неограниченности.
     – Судьба дает нам привилегию как разновидность проклятия.

&  – Судьба играет в покер, но выигрывает только за счет блефа. Судьба – это фокусник, а время – это фокус. Судьба – это паук, а время – паутина.

&  – Всякий готов назваться отцом Удачи, пока дочка не отвернется.

&  – Правда – это бесстыжий хам, перед которым все мы распинаемся в любви.

&  – Страх – это друг, всегда готовый предупредить.
     – Одиночество – это друг, всегда готовый составить компанию.

&  – Нет на свете страны, дрянной и ничтожной настолько, чтоб ее гимн звучал без бравурного пафоса.
     – Тирания – это страх с человеческим лицом.

&  – Музыка – это сублимация смерти.
     – Горе – это призрак сочувствия.

&  – Путь к любви – это любовь к пути.
     – Любовь – это гора, которая убивает тебя при каждом восхождении.

&  – Мужество присуще любому человеку, мужчине или женщине, который не сдается перед трудностями, а таких людей подавляющее большинство.
     – Счастье – это гиперактивное дитя довольства.
     – Правосудие, так же как любовь или власть, измеряется числом прощений.
     – Все войны ведутся против культуры, а все культуры выношены в телах женщин.
     – Если ты живешь не ради чего-то, ты умираешь ни за что!