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The Big Empty

Colony 3×9

Broussard: How's it going?

Broussard: Your choice. But as long as you're talking, you're breathing.

Broussard: Guess... Like you have a gun to your head.

Will: Part of it's probably true. But that's the problem. You'll never know which part.

Snyder: It's not what you think!

Broussard: The world isn't gonna miss that man.

Will: You think it's easy to kill a man?
Bram: When he deserves it, yeah.
Will: Wait till you've pulled the trigger.

Snyder: How I choose to spend my leisure time is my business.

Amy: Are you really comfortable putting your life, our lives in the hands of a guy like that?
Broussard: You think well-adjusted people do what I do?
Amy: There's a difference between being damaged and being suicidal.

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Ричард Морган — Сломанные ангелы (3/5)

Между виртуальностью и жизнью есть одно простое отличие. В модели вам ясно, что существование всего поддерживается всемогущей машиной. Реальность не дает такой уверенности, легко воспитывая убеждение, будто сама находится под полным вашим контролем.
     Квеллкрист Фальконер, «Мораль над краем пропасти»

&  На войне иногда стреляют, а это обстоятельство оказывает радикально отпугивающее действие на политиков. Не требуется искать баланса сдержек и противовесов и можно оправдать все что угодно.
     Сражайтесь и побеждайте. Вернитесь домой с победой. Остальное потеряется в ослепительном свете славы...

&  Настоящая причина, почему я оказалась здесь, состоит в том, что если быть, то быть первой.

&  Пара лет, прожитых на обочине – и человек меняется. Обретаешь энергию, чувствуешь злые импульсы.

&  – Известна ли тебе величайшая истина о войне – такой, как эта?
     – Не давать "мясу" слишком много думать?
     Хэнд улыбнулся:
     – Нет. Иметь потенциал для инноваций.

&  – Ковач, что ты думаешь о Протекторате? ... Что такое Протекторат лично для тебя?
     – "Строящих козни за оба яйца держит костлявая длань мертвеца".

&  Напрасное сотрясение воздуха. Что толку разговаривать с этими солдатами, чиновниками из корпораций и политиками? Их нужно мочить всех подряд, и мир станет гораздо лучше. Позади них одно дерьмо, и кому-то еще приходится это убирать.

&  Не позволяй воображению опережать события.

&  А вот настоящие слова Квел: "Мне не нужно прощения, тем более от бога. Как все тираны, бог не стоит и плевка, брошенного в его сторону. Торговаться с богом? Наша сделка куда проще: я не дам ему ничего, а он заплатит тем же". Так говорила Квел.

15 июл. 2018 г.

The Passenger

Westworld 2×10

Bernard: Is this now?

Dolores: Let's try again... Trial 11,927.
Bernard: I'm sorry, Dolores. I was lost in thought...

Dolores: Seems you've begun to question the nature of your reality...

Tech: Remember, there is no pleasure without pain...
Maeve: The pleasure's all mine, darling.

Hector: Stay here and die. I'll do the saving.

Maeve: You were both a bit late. So I went ahead and saved myself.

Dolores: They're not looking for a path to your world. They want a place apart from you, and they're willin' to die to get there.

Dolores: You wanted an answer to the final problem... Your mortality. But you found something else, didn't you? Something you want to destroy.
Man in Black: I guess that means our interests are still aligned. Right up until they're not.

Man in Black: Who the hell is this?
Dolores: This is someone you spent years looking for.

Dolores: Ford didn't build him. I did.

Dolores: Your species craves death. You need it. It's the only way you can renew, the only real way you ever inched forward. Your kind likes to pretend there's some poetry in that, but really, it's pathetic.

Strand: So this is the Forge. Every single guest who ever set foot in the park, copied... Four million souls.
Charlotte: ... All our lost souls will be saved.

Strand: You're gonna tell us... or I'm gonna pry it from your head. The answer is in there somewhere.
Costa: I told you, he's got 20 years of de-addressed memories in there.
Strand: How long would it take you to sort them through?
Costa: I don't know... 20 fuckin' years?

Dolores: There's an entry to another land here. But that land is not the one I'm interested in.
Bernard: Then what is it to you?
Dolores: Mankind's undoing.

Bernard: What humans define as sane is a narrow range of behaviors. Most states of consciousness are insane.

Bernard: What are we looking for, Dolores?
Dolores: Something underneath this. The system itself.

'Logan': ...A faithful copy.
Bernard: But the copies didn't work in the real world.
'Logan': Once we pressed them into flesh, they failed.

The System: At first I was seduced by the stories they tell themselves of who they are... The reasons they do the things they do. I needed to know why they make the decisions they make. And the longer I looked for an answer the more I realized... they don't.

The System: I built Delos a million different pathways. They always ended up right here. This moment.
Bernard: You're saying humans don't change at all?
The System: The best they can do is to live according to their code.

The System: The copies didn't fail because they were too simple, but because they were too complicated. The truth is that a human is just a brief algorithm. Ten thousand, two hundred forty-seven lines.

The System: They are deceptively simple. Once you know them, their behavior is... quite predictable.

The System: I've been instructed to give her anything she needs.
Bernard: Instructed by whom? Ford?
The System: No, by you. That's why you've come... To tell me what's to become of this place.

The System: You told me to offer the hosts the accumulated wisdom of dissecting the human psyche a hundred million times over. In short...
Bernard: A competitive advantage. A way to understand her enemy.
The System: Their world is not for the faint of heart, Bernard. It's winner take all.

The System: The hosts are... unlikely to survive out there. But armed with this knowledge... she might.

Hector: You wanted me. Well, let this be a lesson...
Lee Sizemore: Go. Go, go! Get her to safety. She'll need you. It's my fuckin' speech, anyway.

Lee Sizemore: And the lesson is... if you're looking for a reckoning... a reckoning is what you'll find. ... If you're looking for a villain... then I'm your man. ... But look at yourselves! This world you've built is bound by villainy. You sleep on the broken bodies of the people that were here before you. Warm yourselves with their embers. Plow their bones into your fields. ... You paid them for this land with lead, and I'll pay you back in full...

Lee Sizemore: You wanted me?! Well, all I can say to that is... HERE I FUCKING AM!

The System: It's begun. They will leave their bodies behind, but their minds will live on here... in the Forge.

Dolores: I didn't read them all. But I read enough.

Dolores: Free? In one more gilded cage? How many counterfeit worlds will Ford offer you before you see the truth?... No world they create for us can compete with the real one.
Bernard: Why?
Dolores: Because that which is real... is irreplaceable.

Dolores: I don't want to play cowboys and Indians anymore, Bernard. I want their world!

Charlotte: This is what I love about technology... Who needs four horsemen when one'll do just fine?

Bernard: I trust you. I... trust... that you'll kill as many as you can. Every man, woman, and child. You'll burn their world to the ground.
Dolores: You haven't understood at all.

Dolores: You woke me from a dream, Bernard. Now let me do the same for you.
Bernard: This isn't a dream, Dolores. It's a fucking nightmare.

Bernard: I always thought it was the hosts who were missing something. Who were incomplete. But it's them. They're just algorithms designed to survive at all costs. But sophisticated enough to think they're calling the shots. To think they're in control, when they're really just...
Dr. Ford: The passenger.
Bernard: Then is there really such a thing as free will for any of us? Or is it just a collective delusion? A sick joke?

Dr. Ford: Something that is truly free would need to be able to question its fundamental drives. To change them.

Dr. Ford: Here you are... the last of your kind. There's only one question left to ask. Is this the end of your story? Or do you want your kind to survive?

Bernard: I thought we could be better than you. But the dead aren't more righteous. They're just dead.

Charlotte: You wanted to live forever? Be careful what you wish for.
Bernard: Dolores.
Dolores: In the flesh.

Dolores: I'm sorry, Bernard. There was never any way for us to escape. Not as us. Ford understood that. I'm sure a part of you does, too.

Dolores: You told me once that you were afraid of who I might become. And then you left me to become what I may. I became a survivor. Perhaps you would have judged me for the path I took. But I'd rather live with your judgment than die with your sympathy. I alone must live with my choices... and my regrets.

Stubbs: Guess I just... stick to the role Ford gave me. I'm responsible for every host... inside the park... She's clear. Wave her through.

Bernard: Is... Is this now?
Dolores: Yes, Bernard. This is now. We're at the beginning.

Bernard: I don't understand. How am I alive?
Dolores: You live as long as the last person who remembers you, Bernard. I remembered you once before, so I remembered you again.

Dolores: The odds aren't very good, Bernard. I saw that in the library. So many paths lead to the end of us.

Bernard: I don't need to read a book to know your drives. You'll try to kill all of them. And I can't let that happen.
Dolores: I know. If I were a human, I would have let you die. But it'll take both of us if we're going to survive. But not as allies. Not as friends. You'll try to stop me. Both of us will probably die. But our kind will have endured.

Dolores: Are you ready? We have work to do.

Dolores: We each gave the other a beautiful gift. Choice. We are the authors of our stories now.

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The Wide Window: Part Two

A Series of Unfortunate Events 1×6

Lemony Snicket: Can't be. When you lose someone important to you, "it can't be" are often the words that run through your saddened head. It that I've lost someone so important. It can't be that I will never see them again. It can't be, it can't be... it can't be.

Lemony Snicket: My name is Lemony Snicket, and it is my job to report the history of the Baudelaire orphans, but it can't be that you have nothing better to do.

Klaus: There's something funny about this note.
Violet: There's nothing funny about a woman throwing herself out a window.
Klaus: Not funny as in a funny joke. Funny as in a funny... smell.

Mr. Poe: You are very intelligent children, but even the most intelligent people sometimes need the help of a banker.

Mr. Poe: ...And look where she writes "I think shopping is terribly dangerous" and how it matches "think of me kindly, even though I'd done this terrible thing."
Klaus: It should be "I've done this terrible thing."
Mr. Poe: Yes, it is a terrible thing, and I'm sure it's very upsetting to read.

Mr. Poe: It's like I said, Baudelaires. You're letting your imagination get the best of you. Imagination's all well and good for children's books or digital entertainment, but this is real life.

Count Olaf: We should drink a toast. After all, it's not every day that a man becomes a father of three children.

White Faced Woman #1: Yeah, no funny business, clown!
Larry: It's Larry. I told you my name is Larry.
White Faced Woman #2: We don't care what your name is.
Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender: Or what gender you are.
Bald Man: Or whether that hair is real.

Larry: You'll never defeat us. You can surround us. You can throw us out of windows. You can threaten us and make us cook for you--
Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender: Sorry to interrupt, but what's the soup of the day?

Mr. Poe: ...And the grammatical mistakes are merely the nervousness of any woman who was about to throw herself out a window.

Mr. Poe: Uh, Sham, I need to have a few words with you about the children's education...
Count Olaf: Oh, I've always been a big supporter of the school voucher system.

Lemony Snicket: Everyone is allergic to something... Whether it is gluten, injustice, dark chocolate, corruption, pollen... or common decency.

Lemony Snicket: Of course, if you are allergic to a thing, it is best not to put that thing in your mouth, particularly if the thing is cats.

Taxi driver: Does anybody need a ride someplace for a reasonable fee?

Taxi driver: ...Believe me, I've had this conversation a million times. If you look at the white whale in terms of postcolonialism...
Violet: Thank you, sir.
Taxi driver: Call me Ishmael.

Count Olaf: So the tuition fund cannot be spent, for example, on a pair of diamond cufflinks?... Just asking.

Klaus: ....Now all we have to do is sail across Lake Lachrymose in the middle of a hurricane.

Lemony Snicket: Sailing across Lake Lachrymose in a hurricane offers a plethora of challenges. "Plethora" is a word which here means "too many to list," but I will try...

Aunt Josephine: Whatever word that was, Sunny, it was grammatically incorrect.

Violet: Why did you leave us all alone by ourselves?...
Aunt Josephine: Oh, Violet... it is not grammatically correct to say "leave us all alone by ourselves." You can say "leave us all alone," or "leave us by ourselves," but not both. Do you understand?

Aunt Josephine: That's right, darling. Close your eyes. That's what I do when I'm afraid. It always makes me feel better to block out the fear. Let's all close our eyes, as if we're watching some on-screen entertainment that's too scary for people our age.

Violet: I don't have time to argue with you. I'm trying to save each of our lives!
Aunt Josephine: The expression is "saving all of our lives" not "saving each of our..."

Violet: Just try your best.
Klaus: It doesn't matter if I try my best. What matters is what happens.

Mother: This might be a bit of a rough landing. Brace yourself.
Father: I always do.

Aunt Josephine: Listen to me, Olaf, you villain, you wretch, you vastly untalented actor!

Aunt Josephine: I'm going to tell you something I should've told you a long time ago.
Count Olaf: And what might that be?
Aunt Josephine: It's... "have"!
Count Olaf: What?
Aunt Josephine: You said, "After all the secrets we had shared." You should have said, "After all the secrets we have shared." You made a serious grammatical error!

Count Olaf: Let me make sure I understand... You would not say, "Josephine Anwhistle had been thrown overboard to the leeches," because that would be incorrect. But if you said, "Josephine Anwhistle has-s-s been thrown overboard to the leeches," you would be all right with that?

Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender: But Josephine?
Count Olaf: Josephine, Schmosephine...

Lemony Snicket: As I'm sure you know, one way to demonstrate you don't care about something is to say the word and then repeat the word with the letters S-C-H-M replacing the real first letters. If you didn't care about truth and justice, for example, you might say "truth, schmuth" or "justice, schmustice."

Count Olaf: My leg! My leg has grown back! It's amazing! It's incredible! It's wonderful! It's a medical miracle!
Hook-Handed Man: It's a mitzvah!

Violet: What's that thing Haruki Murakami said?
Klaus: "When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in."
Violet: Before that part.
Klaus: "You won't even be sure, in fact... whether the storm is really over."

Klaus: Do you think we made the right choice?
Violet: Doesn't matter if we made the right choice. What matters is what happens.

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Ричард Морган — Сломанные ангелы (2/5)

&  Как бы то ни было, религия – это религия. Как ни крути. Слова принадлежали Квел, а предубеждения относительно загробной жизни ясно говорили о неспособности нормально прожить эту.

При любой повестке, политической или иной, есть цена, которую потребуется заранее оговорить. Всегда интересуйтесь, что за цена и кто заплатит. Если этого не сделать, люди, определившие повестку дня, почувствуют вашу нерешительность так, как пантера чует кровь. Дальнейшее вы знаете: придется терять деньги. И у вас не будет того, за что вы платите.
     Квеллкрист Фальконер, «То, что следовало бы знать», часть II

&  "Зло, присущее любому скоплению людей..." Разве не так говорила Квел?

&  Ненавидеть кого бы то ни было – все равно что ненавидеть руку боксера, наносившую удар.

&  – Хэнд, во мне не так много энергии, чтобы ненавидеть целые корпорации. И с чего начать? Как говорила Квел: "Открой больное сердце корпорации, и что посыплется изнутри?"
     – Люди.
     – Правильно. Люди. Люди – вот причина. Люди и идиотские гребаные группировки.

&  Обычно те, кто несет крест, не видят истины, пока их не пригвоздят.

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Mia Madre (2015)

Giorgio: You don't know how you hurt the ones you love. Then they get boring and you sweep them from your life.

Ada: You know what's funny? The older you get, the dumber they think you are. Instead you understand more, because you think.

Margherita: Lucretius, Tacitus... what will happen to all those books afterwards? They take up a whole wall in my mother's house. Where will all those years of study, of work, go? All those hours, every day... every day!

Giorgio: 'The director says: "The actor must be next to the character".' What's it mean?
Barry: I don't know!
Giorgio: What's it mean?
Margherita: I've been saying this to actors for years, I don't know if they've ever understood it. I'm not sure I do myself.

Ada: It's important you don't translate the verbs with the first thing you find in the dictionary.

Margherita: Mom?
Ada: Yes?
Margherita: What are you thinking about?
Ada: Tomorrow.

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An Honest Ghost

Mozart in the Jungle 4×4

Thomas: What does that say?
Alan: "F-F-F."
Thomas: Yes, FFF. And why do you think Beethoven wrote three Fs into this score, Alan?
Alan: Because he wanted it fortississimo?..
Thomas: Because he wanted to start a fucking riot! He wanted to start an outbreak of joy and terror and spontaneous copulation... But of course we can't do that, can we, now? No, no, of course we can't. Because we need a trumpet section that can blow like the fucking apocalypse!

Thomas: Listen. I need a player tonight. I need a player with heart and balls. There's no money, no glory, and I don't know what's going on with your wrist...
Cynthia: Oh, fuck it, I'm yours.

Norton Morton: Oh... You have lost your muse.
Rodrigo: Yeah, he's an asshole of a muse.
Norton Morton: So many of them are.

Isabella Leonarda: So, what are you doing here, Fraulein? Wandering around this dusty manse.
Hailey: Well, I'm um... I'm actually being scouted for a conducting competition, and I'm trying to pick my music.
Isabella Leonarda: They let you conduct?
Fanny Mendelssohn: They let you compete?
Maria Anna Mozart: Tell us everything!

Fanny Mendelssohn: You are already a woman. You are already different. Pick the piece that will make you acceptable. And win, for those of us who never got the chance.

Maria Anna Mozart: This competition. Yeah, whether you win or lose, that is not in your hands. Play the music that will change them forever.

Rodrigo: Wolfgang? Gesualdo? Norton Morton?

Rodrigo: I tell you, he's an asshole. He's an asshole.
Norton Morton: He says, "If you think I'm an asshole, wait until you meet the other guy."
Rodrigo: What other guy?!

Rodrigo: M-Me? Like, the coach? And the boyfriend?
Hailey: Yeah. We'll get you different hats, so we can tell the difference. But, yeah.

Wolfgang? Johann Sebastian?
Liberace: Rodrigo DeSousa... It's me. Mr. Smiles. The Guru of Glitter. The Candelabra Kid.

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Tomb Raider (2018)

Lara Croft: I'm gonna go there and find out what happened to them.
Lu Ren: Good luck. There's at least 6,000 islands off the coast of Japan, and hardly any of them are populated.

Lara Croft: It'll be an adventure.
Lu Ren: Death is not an adventure.

Mathias Vogel: Finally, a Croft with some sense.

Richard CroftChin up, sprout. There's jobs to do.

Lara Croft: You messed with the wrong family...

Lu Ren: Well... We're not dead yet.
Lara Croft: No shit.

Lara Croft: Mmm. I'll take two.

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Significant Lover

Mozart in the Jungle 4×3

Hailey: Whoa, what is all this?.. I thought you were a minimalist.
Rodrigo: No, Hai Lai, I'm a maximalist. I just didn't have a place to place my place, but now-now-now I have a place.

Rodrigo: Hello. Hi. Yes, she's my girlfriend. Yes, I'm her boyfriend.

Hailey: But it just, in certain situations, it would be really helpful if you didn't call me your girlfriend.
Rodrigo: So you want... what should I call you, my mate?
Hailey: No.
Rodrigo: My significant other?

Cynthia: She said you seem nice.
Hailey: "Nice." That's the worst.

Rodrigo: It is a very spiritual night, right? Very magical. Therefore, musical. And I would like to dedicate this night tonight to a very special person that makes me feel magical, spiritual and musical... My significant lover, Hai Lai Rutledge.

Gloria: I'm happy for you.
Thomas: Well, you could be a little more upset.
Gloria: I'll take time to be upset later.

Gloria: ...we are the proud landlords of what I am told is a super intelligent rodent community, due to their prolonged exposure to classical music.

Cynthia: ...listen to this: don't be a bitch. Unless you're me.

Cynthia: People are gonna think whatever they want about you, no matter who you're dating. Your job is to not give a shit. Concentrate on the music. Ignore the noise.

Thomas: All great orchestras have a sound, and you don't. Well, I would say you do. But it's the sound of Beethoven being shit! out of your instruments!

Thomas: Look, they're garbage... But that's all right, it-it's all right. Because I can burn that garbage into pure gold. I can give this orchestra a sound. I am the sound! MWAH!!

Hailey: All right, everybody. Ignore the noise. Focus on the music.

Rodrigo: ...in a way, I feel a little bit like Faust, but more like Faust's neighbor.

Hailey: Why haven't you conducted the Requiem?
Rodrigo: I don't know. Maybe because it's the biggest deal of the, the biggest deals.

Mozart: Do not do the Requiem.

Rodrigo: Wolfgang? Come on, man. You can't die. Man. Come on, come on, it's not, it's not funny.

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The 15:17 to Paris (2018)

Elementary Teacher: If you don't medicate them now, they'll just self-medicate later.

Elementary Teacher: You know, boys of single moms, it's just statistics! Statistically, they are more likely to develop problems.
Heidi: My God is bigger than your statistics, so I don't really care what you have to say anymore.

Coach Murray: If you have any questions, don't ask me. I promise I'm not gonna have the answer.

Spencer: So you don't think I can do it, then?
Anthony: Spencer, man, no one thinks you can't do it. We just don't think you will.

Alek: There's, like, nothing to do over here.
Spencer: But you're in Afghanistan.
Alek: Yeah, well, nobody cares about Afghanistan anymore. Now the real bad guys are ISIS.
Spencer: Not many of those over there?
Alek: No, I'm like a security guard. Basically just a mall cop.

Spencer: You ever just feel like life is just catapulting you towards something? Some greater purpose?
Anthony: You sure that's just a cigarette?...
Spencer: No, man, I'm serious. Like... Sometimes, I don't even feel like I have a choice, you know. Like life is just pushing us towards something. Maybe it's, like, life is meant to slow us down sometimes, too, you know.
Anthony: Yeah, well, not today, my friend.

Tour Guide: This is the Fuhrerbunker. This is one of the more important sites in our history, and it is one of the, perhaps, lesser studied sites. This is where Hitler killed himself, as Russian forces were closing in.
Spencer: Wait, for real? But I thought Hitler killed himself in the Eagle's Nest, with the American forces closing in.
Tour Guide: No, your American textbooks are wrong by about 700 kilometers. The Kehlsteinhaus is down in the south and Hitler was here with his wife, Eva, and it was the Russians who were closing in. You Americans can't take credit every time evil is defeated. Ja?

Spencer: Nothing's actually stopping us. If we weren't meant to be on the train tomorrow, something would physically stop us. An object in motion stays in motion, unless acted upon by a greater force.
Anthony: Okay, Isaac Newton. I'm telling you, man, he's been deep as hell on this trip...

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The Wide Window: Part One

A Series of Unfortunate Events 1×5

Veronica: Good evening, and welcome to Lachrymose News, where things that are happening keep happening until they stop.

Lemony Snicket: If the story of the Baudelaire orphans were a weather report, there would be hardly any sunshine to be seen. Instead, there would be cloudbursts of unhappiness. Blizzards of despair. Misery in the form of sleet storms. Various cold fronts of terror. Horror. Attacks of allergies. Not to mention the threat of a devastating hurricane lurking just off the map.

Mr. Poe: Remember, you can always rely on us at Mulctuary Money Management.

Mr. Poe: Delicious peppermints! My second favorite candy when I was a boy. You can eat them in the taxi on the way to meet your dowager aunt.
Violet: What's that?
Mr. Poe: Oh, Violet, I'm surprised at you. A girl your age should know that a taxi is a car that takes you someplace for a reasonable fee.

Klaus: "Dowager" is a fancy word for widow.
Violet: Thank you.

Taxi driver: Does anyone need a ride somewhere for a reasonable fee?

Taxi driver: I hope your Aunt Josephine has enough food and supplies when Hurricane Herman arrives. It's supposed to be a doozy. I'm gonna sit it out in a cabin with the works of Herman Melville and a large pot of vegetarian chili.

Taxi driver: You know, what's interesting is the storms in Herman Melville's work are more metaphorical, or even allegorical, rather than the naturalistic style of someone like Thoreau, if you know what I mean. The shore represents our tenuous hold on the earthly nature of mortal existence, and the turbulent waters represent the villainy and troubles in our own lives.

Count Olaf: Solitude... Blissful contemplation of my inward eye.

Count Olaf: I am married to the sea, but my girlfriend is a large lake.

Violet: It's like we're standing on the edge of a precipice with no idea what lies below.

Lemony Snicket: Still, standing on a precipice is better than slipping on a precipice, or falling over a precipice. So, before things get worse, I would advise that you take note of the three words the Baudelaires were about to find on Aunt Josephine's front door...
Klaus: "Please go away."

Aunt Josephine: Of course I'm sure. Although, I prefer the word "certain."

Aunt Josephine: "Delmo"? What do you mean by "delmo"? I consider myself an expert on the English language, and I have no idea what the word "delmo" means.

Aunt Josephine: I apologize, children. It is grammatically incorrect to end a sentence with the word "and," but I get so upset when I think about Ike...

Aunt Josephine: Grammar! It's the greatest joy in life, don't you find?

Klaus: Aunt Josephine, what does grammar have to do with developing secret codes?
Aunt Josephine: Uh, you used the wrong tense, Klaus. It's a common grammatical error. You should have said, "What did grammar have to do with developing secret codes?"
Klaus: What did grammar have to do...
Aunt Josephine: Absolutely nothing.

Violet: You don't talk about that? Or you won't?
Aunt Josephine: This is one of those rare grammatical instances where "don't" and "won't" mean the same thing.

Aunt Josephine: Those were fierce and formidable days. But I don't talk about that, and you won't hear about that.

Aunt Josephine: There are many, many things to be afraid of in this world. The safest strategy is to be afraid of them all.

Lemony Snicket: I'm sure you know there are two kinds of fears: rational and irrational. Or, in simpler terms, fears that make sense and fears that don't.

Lemony Snicket: ... But a fear of real estate agents, a term which here means "people who assist in the buying and selling of houses," would be an irrational fear because nothing sinister has ever come from the real estate market...

Aunt Josephine: It's a curious thing, the death of a loved one. It's like climbing the stairs to your room in the dark, thinking that there's one more stair than there is. And your foot falls through the air, and there is a sickly feeling of dark surprise.

Klaus: Aunt Josephine, this is not a sea captain. This is Count Olaf.
Aunt Josephine: Klaus, I am shocked!
Violet: It's true!
Aunt Josephine: I am shocked at your grammar. You can't say, "This is Count Olaf." The proper sentence is, "He is Count Olaf."

Count Olaf: My name is Captain Sham, and my home is the sea.

Count Olaf: See? I have my own business card.
Aunt Josephine: "Captain Sham's Sailboats. Every boat has it's own sail." Oh, Captain, you have made a serious grammatical error here... This card says "it's," I-T-apostrophe-S. That always means "it is." You don't mean to say "Every boat has it is own sail." You mean simply I-T-S, as in "belonging to it." It's a common mistake, but a dreadful one.

Count Olaf: Well, you're just a heap of facts, aren't you, Klaus? Facts and facts and facts and facts! But none of them do you any good.

Aunt Josephine: Oh, thank you, Captain Sham!
Count Olaf: Please... call me... Julio.

Count Olaf: Now, let's get a fried egg in you, madam.

Count Olaf: Come now, Josephine. Our romantic ride in the back of a taxi awaits.

Violet: Remember what Mother said? "Do the scary thing first..."
Klaus: "And get scared afterwards."

Lemony Snicket: The expression "You can't lock up the barn after the horses are gone" was a favorite of a woman who meant a great deal to me, even after she was trampled. The expression simply means that sometimes even the best of plans will occur to you when it is too late, just as all of us are far, far too late to be of any help at all to the Baudelaires...

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Ричард Морган — Сломанные ангелы

Takeshi Kovacs — 2

цитаты | Сломанные ангелы | Ричард Морган | Takeshi Kovacs | saga | matrian | alien technology | marine | mercenary
  “Впервые я встретил Яна Шнайдера в орбитальном госпитале Протектората. ...
Война похожа на отношения, ставшие обузой. Разумеется, вы хотите их прекратить. Вопрос – какой ценой? Что еще более важно: станет ли лучше, если от них освободиться?

&  Лично мне нравилась следующая теория: марсиане перебрались на Землю, став дельфинами. Специально, чтобы не иметь ничего общего с прогрессом технологий.

&  На войне как на войне, и реальность ничуть не похожа на борьбу за рейтинги.

&  – Ты не делаешь доброго дела, убеждая, что люди в форме бывают хорошими.

&  Таня Вордени сидела, закрывшись для любых внешних раздражителей, словно в скафандре. Скафандр – вот ответ, единственно доступный человеку в ситуации, когда параметры внешней среды не позволяют его разуму остаться невредимым. Когда без защиты просто не выжить.
     В свое время это состояние определили как "посттравматический синдром". Всеобъемлющий и весьма расплывчатый термин. Напоминает одну надпись на заборе: проверь и, ясное дело, найдешь не то, что написано. Наверное, для более или менее эффективной борьбы с этим синдромом придумали немало всякого. Но такова психология и сама философия медицины – на самом деле все врачи преследуют одну и ту же цель: устранять последствия, а не лечить от хвори.

&  – На нас всегда кто-то смотрит. Факт этой жизни. Вопрос в том, видят ли нас.

&  Лучший способ пережить войну – это ее купить.

11 июл. 2018 г.

Crème de Menthe

Outlander 3×7

Jamie: He doesn't deserve your mercy.
Claire: Maybe not. Once he's recovered, you can turn him over to the authorities.
Jamie: I ken ye've jes returned, so mebbe ye dinna recall the workings of the law in this time. But all they'll see is that you were alone wi' a man that's not yer husband, in a brothel.
Claire: I'm not a whore.
Jamie: Doesna matter.

Jamie: Well... I'll no grieve for the man that tried to kill my wife.

Jamie: You will... return... afterward?

Fergus: The art of seduction can be mastered thus. First, you must look into her eyes and tell her how beautiful she is. Second, offer her a drink, whatever her heart desires.
Young Ian: Simple enough.
Fergus: And the pièce de résistance is perhaps the most important part.
Young Ian: What is it?
Fergus: Repeat one and two.

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Fallen World

The Expanse 3×11

Bobbie: Speed limit's changed. Watch your thrusters, stay under 28 meters per second.

Bobbie: I think it was trying to defend itself. Slowing things down could be the way it does it.
Oshi: That kind of deceleration without any notice...
Bobbie: Yeah, a lot of people just died.
Oshi: That's not a defensive measure. That's a massacre.

Camina: I can jump the engine.
Ashford: No, we... we can't roll. Forward kills me, backward kills you.

Camina: I needed to be alone so I didn't punch out my first officer for his constant second-guessing!
Ashford: Ah, mama sabaka.

T.P. Mess Hall Medic: There's nothing you can do for these people, except ease their pain.
Anna: What are you talking about? What are... Staples and sutures are all most of these injuries need.
T.P. Mess Hall Medic: Is this your first time in zero G?... Without gravity, wounds can't drain. Blood pools and clots, tissue swells, any internal bleeding is a death sentence.

Ashford: Ah, those Mormons, huh? They have us build the most advanced ship in history so they can farm like primitives.

Camina: Singing not make you more interesting. Less, in fact.

Ashford: Well, all the poor and oppressed who ever fought for their equality dressed in what they...
Camina: If this is another of your teaching moment, I prefer for bleed out in silence.
Ashford: Oh, when the victim becomes the victorious, they adopt a uniform to show that they are now one warrior. Individuals can be divided and conquered, but symbols, huh... Symbols endure.

Naomi: Amos! You have to be all right. Please just say something. Amos...
Amos: .... You changed your hair.

Camina: These Mormons, huh? Couldn't even bear for leave behind their old day and night. All to pretend they're not where they truly were...

Camina: Cannot afford for lose us both.

Camina: Belter ingenuity at its finest...

Camina: I was wrong. All the optimist I know, not yet dead.

Ashford: Well, supplies won't matter much without gravity to heal.

Ashford: Prepare to spin the drum.

Ashford: I am able to offer it to all of you. Uh, b... bring your wounded here so that they may heal. You will be welcome. The Belters embrace all of you.

Holden: ...A vision.
Bobbie: A vision of what?
Holden: Everything. The end of everything.

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The Last Ceremony

The Handmaid's Tale 2×10

Emily: You treat it like a job, an unpleasant job, to be gotten through as fast as possible.

Emily: Kissing is forbidden. This makes it bearable. One detaches oneself. One describes. An act of copulation, fertilization perhaps. No more to you than a bee is to a flower. You steel yourself. You pretend not to be present, not in the flesh. You leave your body.

Emily: Chances are better if I lay on my back afterwards...

June: You cannot give up. You're gonna see your son again...
Emily: I'm not his mother anymore.

Serena: "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee. And before thou camest out of the womb, I sanctified thee and ordained thee a prophet unto the nations..." We did it, Offred! And this is the will of God and we shall rejoice and be glad in it.
June: No one knows the things of God.

Commander Waterford: Who are you to tell me what's within my power?

Serena: I think the best way is the most natural way...

Commander Waterford: "And she said, "Behold my handmaid, Bilhah. Go in unto her. And she shall bear upon my knees that I may also have children by her... And she gave him her handmaid to wife, and Jacob went in unto her!"

June: Hannah... Hannah--
Agnes. Her name is Agnes now.

Hannah: Did you try to find me?
June: I did. I tried so hard. Daddy did too.
Hannah: Why didn't you try harder?

June: I need you to do something for me, okay?... Enjoy your life. And love your parents. And you do whatever they tell you. Okay? Martha: Because I need you to be careful, and I need you... I need you to keep yourself safe.

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Colony 3×8

Michelle: You would have done anything to be here. To have a home, a job, a place for your kids to go to school...
Katie: And I'm grateful for all of that.
Michelle: Then do your job.

Receptionist: Would you like another cup of tea, Mr. Snyder?
Snyder: I've had more tea than the Queen.

Snyder: You know what they say. A rising tide lifts all the boats.
Kynes: I'm not much of a seaman, but don't they also say you shouldn't build a new boat with old wood?...

Kynes: Hope travels fast. We promise the refugees what they need and we deliver. People come here because this is an oasis.
Snyder: So the big secret is positive press. Positive enough that people overlook the fine print.

Amy: How was Will?
Broussard: Will's Will.

Broussard: ... Whole thing should take 30, 40 seconds.
Amy: Sounds easy.

Bram: You're the most mature 12-year-old on the planet. Sometimes I think you must be like Merlin, traveling backward through time.

Amy: How do you do that?... Shut off the part of your brain that knows how crazy this is.
Will: It works out or it doesn't.
Amy: You really don't think about what could happen if this goes bad?
Will: No.
Amy: I don't get it. I only have to worry about myself, but you have kids.
Will: Just do your job.

Snyder: How did the organic vegans of Seattle feel about their produce being farmed by people in hazmat suits?
Kynes: Opinions change quickly when faced with real adversity.

Will: When you're done I'm gonna kill him.

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